Kawasaki Ninja 400 Impressions! **Don’t Buy**

Kawasaki Ninja 400 Impressions! **Don’t Buy**
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Kawasaki just announed their new replacement for the Ninja 300 motorcycle, the beefier Ninja 400. But is it really what consumers wanted? Is it no longer a good beginner bike?
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31 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 400 Impressions! **Don’t Buy**

  1. Where I live in Canada insurance is much cheaper if your motorcycle is under 400cc. This makes the ninja 400 look very appealing.

  2. Speaking as a motorcycle dealer, YES this bike is needed, and will be well received and sold. We (people in the industry) have been asking for a 400/450 entry level bike for quite some time. A 250/300 cc is nice to start with, but many upgrade quickly to a 600/636 with little saddle time because the 3-hundo just isn’t quite enough juice. Not always the safest decision. This 400 gives newer and smaller riders a better stepping stone to the larger displacement bikes. That being said, the Ninja 300 and 650 are the best selling street bikes at our dealership, and we have no doubt the 400 will be wildly successful as well.

  3. I feel they’re trying to compete with the ktm 390 spec class… a lot of minibike racers I know start in that class or jump to a 600

  4. I get what you’re saying but Kawasaki didn’t make the Ninja 400 as an upgrade, nor did they make it to be more competitive. They made it to fit the Euro 4 regulations. More HP can’t go wrong there and they gave it a face lift. I say take a test ride when you get the chance.

  5. they made it to fit the Japanese licence limitations, their learners are limited to 400cc, then another test for open licence. so instead of making a 400 for jap, and 300 for usa/worldwide, just make a 400.

    but i wonder what will happen to the ninja 250r in malaysia, which is based on the ninja300. because their learners are limited to 250cc then open

  6. Jus my opinion, but just like everyone else, ya gotta crawl before you walk and walk before you run. 300cc and below as a beginner or 300cc to 600cc as a commuter and 1000cc+ for just straight out haulin a$$. Again my opinion and it might not always be right to certain people and that’s ok. I respect everyone’s outlook on what’s beginner or not. Had a friend start on a gsxr 600, not my choice but i respect that that’s what he wanted to start on. Personally i started on an R3 and loved it and I’d say it’s a damn good commuter in town or occasional hwy. Occasional.lol peace folks and hope everyone has a good one and ride safe. ???????

  7. Kawasaki create the Ninja 400 because of the new Euro4 standard and they didn’t want to lose power compared to the previous version of beginner bike.

  8. It probably came out so the 300 people would dump their bikes and buy a new bigger bike. I would consider the 400 if I was looking for a smaller motorcycle.

  9. dont agree at all, there are reports that the ninja 400 can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds if thats true thats a pre good amount of power to destroy most cars, if u get a bike to go faster then 130mph then you shouldn’t be on the road but to each there own, also more cc doest always mean more power that being said 400cc isnt really a 6 months ride and sell type of bike anymore a 400cc with that amount of power can be used for years now, a nice way to ride around and enjoy the sun ect

  10. It makes more sense to start on Z125 which rides and feels like a bicycle and everyone can ride! Then 2 months later upgrade to a 650 to enjoy and ride it everywhere.

  11. In the uk once you hit 16 you can do a CBT which lets you ride a 50CC scooter (with L plates), then at 17 you can ride up to a 125cc bike/scooter (with L plates) on the CBT. Then at 19 you can do a A2 licence which lets you ride any bike (without L plates) with no more power than 70Kw (94 BHP ) with a restriction to reduce it down to 35kW ( 47 BHP ) via ECU/ smaller air inlets/ throttle cable. Then when you have ridden on a A2 licence for 2 years or you’re 24 years old which ever comes first you can do a full test to ride any bike without a restriction. Currently i’m 22 riding a 1998 Fazor 600 with smaller air inlets to reduce power down to A2 licence power.

  12. I think the reasoning behind it is to give people a reason to hold onto their bikes longer. The reality is, say you buy your 300 new, then sell it used. That’s one less sale for the manufacturer. If you hold on to yours, then someone else is left with the only option to buy new. I think they’re trying to find that sweet spot.
    That’s my thought

  13. i think that it would be better to strart of with a supermoto like wr450 or ktm exc 530 or if u think that is to big u can allways go with a ktm exc 350 or 250

  14. Lams in Australia got upgraded a few years ago to 500cc and the regret I have about the ninja 250 was it was gutless. I think the weight is the determining factor. These bikes are manageable because of the weight not the power. 25 v 44 hp isnt that much, as long as the brakes can handle it the rider will be fine.

  15. I’m gonna test ride one. Insurance rates in Canada are ridiculous. Forces many to ride smaller bikes.

  16. I think the beginner market won’t change with the new Ninja 400. Kawasaki is just trying to project their penis is bigger with a larger displacement engine. I agree with some suspension and abs standard for the Ninja 300 would’ve raised em to the level of the Yamaha R3. Kawasaki is just butt hurt that the R3 has taken the beginner market easily. A market we all know was dominated by the Ninja 250 forever.

  17. I started on the ninja 300 and loved it. It had just enough power for a beginner bike. I bought it brand new, and my dealer offers an awesome deal where I got 90% of what I paid for it to put it toward my 650. It’s a great option to start with.

  18. I think the R3 is doing the best in that class. I’ve just seen more videos, more riders, more everything

  19. Germany bike regulations:

    16 y/o: 125ccm 15hp. Max 0.1kw/kg
    18 y/o: —ccm 48hp. Max 0.2kw/kg (and Cars)
    20 y/o you could ride anything if you owned any bike for 2 years

  20. Visited my friend in Austin a while back, we rode the hell out of Lime Creek Rd, love it!!!

  21. if there are different modes that lessen the power then yes i dont see why it wouldnt still be a beginner bike

  22. If you want to know the market for this bike as well as the likes of the CBR500R which I have personally. It’s for people like me who have been riding dirt bikes a while. Wanted a road bike but have license restrictions that don’t allow for something bigger.

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