Kawasaki Ninja 400 – first video | IAMABIKER

Kawasaki Ninja 400 – first video | IAMABIKER
The Kawasaki Ninja 400 has just been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show and here is the first official video from the company.
45 PS @ 10,000 RPM and 38 Nm @ 8,000 RPM! 😀

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36 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 400 – first video | IAMABIKER

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  8. I own a 2014 Ninja 300SE with 16,000 miles on it and I love it to death. Even drove it from South East Wisconsin to Niagra Falls New York. Sounds like they took an already good bike and just perfected it.

  9. This bike will blow away the competition on the market against the KTM 390, R3, G310R and the likes. This will get great number of sales especially in my country where bikes of 400cc is the lowest displacement allowed to pass the expressway. I’am surely getting this one once available in my place.

  10. ถังเล็ก เบาะเตี้ย คนตัวสูงไม่เอา ><

  11. Looks like shit!
    Ninja 300 is miles ahead in terms of looks. Hope they don’t discontinue the 300!

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