Kawasaki Ninja 300 – DYNO Run

Kawasaki Ninja 300 – DYNO Run

Max HP: 34.45 Max Torque: 17.05 Top Speed: 182kmph

Took my 2013 Ninja 300 to my local motorcycle shop Steel Horse Performance. No tuning, just a few runs to see what it’s making. First couple of runs were with the baffle in the exhaust still and then we took it out.

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37 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 300 – DYNO Run

  1. i dont think you should jump from a 300 to a 1 litre.bt im a squid lol.just make sure u decide carefully 🙂

  2. put mine on a dyno today, only mods are a MGP Growler slip-on, and a 15t front sprocket. End result was 37HP. I’ll have a video up probably sometime tomorrow in case you’re interested. Does yours have any mods?

  3. Good result mate! I just have a slip on and K&N air filter. But when this dyno was done I had the stock filter.

  4. I got the yoshi slip on a couple days ago. So with the baffle in it’s making about 32hp, that’s worse than stock. I just saw a stock ninja 300 do 35hp and 18 torque. Do you think it needs to be tuned. I felt like it was a bit slower after I put the exhaust on. Got the baffle in atm, maybe I should take it out because it looked like you had normal hp and torque with it out…

  5. how much can you gain from full exhaust, air filter and sprocket? most of the time we only see them with one of the things, and they do around 35-37HP

  6. For anyone interested – I saw a video recently from spacep0d. Full exhaust system and flashed ecu achieves a 5hp gain. 40hp! Great! 🙂

  7. Kawasaki says that the ninja 300 has got 39 hp and 27 nm torque … why are all the dyno results different? and how much power does it really have?

  8. 39hp will be the best possible result they got after experimenting with fuel types, engine temperatures, brand new chain etc. All manufactures are going to talk up their product the best they can. It won’t be impossible but I doubt there is a stock standard ninja 300 on the street that makes 39hp. Full exhaust, air filter, upgraded ecu and you can expect 43-45hp

  9. In Germany, the tax, insurance and required license depends on the HP. So when the manufacturer is talking up his Bike, then you gotta pay more then you should have. Well, this ain’t a fair world anyway XD

  10. The only reason I watched this is because my friend told me your face is in it! The mystery has been solved!!!!!!!!! Besides that Good Samaritan video you posted ages ago ahhaha

  11. Oh haha. It was always my plan to show my face at 5000 subs but I guess it’s out there now lol

  12. What exhaust is that? And is it a slip on or full system? Because I really like the sound of it.

  13. Right, thanks. I went back to stock and the bike has been much better, smoother, better acceleration, and secretly I think the sound is still better stock, doesn’t sound like a dirtbike anymore.

  14. are you serious? if so, its called Dynamometer a machine that measures horsepower. everyone calls it Dyno for short ,Dyna run would sound funny. 🙂

  15. As I read the comments below. Is it better to just keep the stock exhaust for performance? I don’t race or anything, but I want to make the most out of it. I have a Leo Vince GP corsa slip on, (I was being cheap at that time). There are times where I hear backfires which also that throws me off. Now I’m wondering if I should stick with my stock exhaust -__- or keep my aftermarket exhaust for better performance. A comment with anyone who can help will be so much appreciated. Thank you.

  16. Mate a 2HP increase is big in this situation! Please tell me what the effect on top speed was with the power increase?

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