Kawasaki ninja 300 abs 2015!!! My first motorcycle!!!

Kawasaki ninja 300 abs 2015!!! My first motorcycle!!!

29 thoughts on “Kawasaki ninja 300 abs 2015!!! My first motorcycle!!!

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  2. nice bike bro keep up the good work I’m thinking of getting the same bike same color scheme looks awesome

  3. Yo dude, I’m shopping around right meow and I’m pretty much set on this bike. Mind me asking how tall you are? I’m relatively short compared to other riders I know (5’6″ or 5’7″) and would want to know if I’d be able to touch the ground 😛
    I’m heading to the dealer next week to try some out, but I figured I’d ask in case you reply beforehand.

  4. Hey bro how much did you pay out the door including shipping and dealer fees? And how much do you pay for full coverage?

  5. The new Ninja 300s look awesome. I wish the riding position was a little more aggressive though.

  6. don’t know if you have modded it since this vid but I got the exact same bike with coffman custom exhaust (green tip) , shorty brake and clutch levers, integrated taillight and with all that it is truly a great beginner bike to start on.

  7. I have never rode a dirt bike or anything. I am interested in purchasing this bike to begin on. Do you think I can learn on this bike. Is it easy to learn?

  8. Man this is a good looking bike man. Going to get the SE for sure. Almost looks like the H2R.

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  10. Holy crap, I was just there at Del Amo looking at ninja 300s. What did you pay for it?? Payment plan?

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