Kawasaki Ninja 250R vs. Honda CBR250R – Bonus Video

Kawasaki Ninja 250R vs. Honda CBR250R – Bonus Video
Bonus content for full story: http://bit.ly/zdI2VN
Small but meaty: Can Honda’s new Single outrun America’s biggest-selling sportbike?

16 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 250R vs. Honda CBR250R – Bonus Video

  1. Bike companies all of those make all accessories except matching helmets,I am not happy.

  2. Kawasaki fan boys, CBR250R has one cylinder, Ninja has two. I’m laughing my as off at you who says Kawasaki is better. Honda is better in terms of acceleration AND quality. I don’t own a Honda, I’m Yamaha.

  3. wow, really faboulous video, nice work, bro! I really liked your video

  4. Teniendo en cuenta que la CBR250 cuenta con un solo cilindro y con prestaciones similares a la Ninja250, se puede decir que Honda es superior.

  5. Damn I really want a Ninja 250R. I’ll swap the engine with an EX500 engine. It will be my sleeper bike against other newbie riders lol.

    Though I heard I’d need a tougher swingarm to handle the extra torque which wont make it look stock anymore. :[

  6. Looking at the text, he mad his generation got the rebel and we get a mini sport bike lol

  7. I like the Ninja because it looks like a 600cc or 1000cc Ninja! The CBR Bars are to high, If it didn’t have the body panels,where the bars are and the seating position would make it a Naked…CB250F… because of the seating and bar position…. If yall understand what im trying to say here… Lol… MyBadd. Buy The Bar position on the CBRs, like 200s 250s 300s and even hondas CBR500 Has the Bars up high on the CBR versions that really should be in that lower super sport position. .. and I dont like that!!! NOW, as for the whole Naked Series from Honda( CB-200F,250F,300F,500F,650F, And the Beautiful CB1000R in its Red,White,Blue with Gold Wheels Honda Colors and Single sided swing arm!!) Ugh…. I think I just Jizzed my pants on that last one lol, The CB1000R! Ugghhh, Look that baby up! But I was saying that all of Handas Naked series really really look good!

  8. Come On !  That’s the whole deal ?  this from Cycle World..that used to give us long graphs with everything from speed and acceleration  to piston travel per mile ?   Sheesh.. !

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