Kawasaki motorcycle crash in canyon

Kawasaki motorcycle crash in canyon
Lake Isabella to bakersfield

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  1. Hi man would it be ok to feature this in a road bike crash edit
    soon? Credited in the description and comments section.. Thanks, MM.

  2. Just curious, is there a lot of sport riding done on this road? Is there more roads like this near Tehachapi? I’m considering moving to that area and am contemplating my riding options. Thanks for any info.

  3. Hey man, can I use your footage in my upcoming compilations? I’ll credit you in the description of the videos. Thanks!

  4. Hello Jose could i include this in my compilation? Credited with a link back to the video in the description and comment section

  5. Hi! Can we feature you video in our next compilation? We’ll give you credit on description! Thanks!

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