Kawasaki KZ650 1976 Motorcycle

Kawasaki KZ650 1976 Motorcycle
Covers the 1976 Kawasaki KZ650.

This is one segment from the restored video player ” Kawasaki Good Times Theatre”. The Good Times Theatre video players were used at Kawasaki dealerships in the 1970’s for customer viewing on the showrooms.

This restored video features great Kawasaki moments from the mid to late 1970’s. Audio quality on the restored video is fair, but clearly understandable. This is a great piece of Motorcycle History. Hope you enjoy it.

16 thoughts on “Kawasaki KZ650 1976 Motorcycle

  1. nice vidéo superrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The presentation of the kz650 kawasaki, must of the time!!!!

  2. I have a 78 kz 650 also, u must not have it properly tunned. The KZ should own your buddy’s GS

  3. @djsponge03

    Despite what you said, and what the video says “outperforms any body else’s 650 OR 750” the GS750 will in fact put a hurt on a KZ650, and not only in a straight line. The GS750 was released in 1977 (except for a few early 76s), after this video was made. The GS750 blew the competition out of the water.

  4. I feel like I’m trippin’ on acid listening to this guy’s voice!

  5. This was my first street only bike 1977 KZ650 I bought it used in 79 i still had my 78 Yamaha DT125 street/trail so i could go get muddy but what a step up to the 650,In two and a half years i put almost 8000 miles i drove it everywhere ,What a great engine then in 81 moved up to a 79 KZ1000 WOW 3 disc’s!! Then in 83 to a bike i still have 1983 KZ1000R (EDDIE LAWSON REPLICA) 57,000 miles still going strong! Thanks Kawasaki for making such an AWESOME engine and motorcycle!!

  6. I had a ’77’  650 Custom,  with the mag wheels a trip disc breaks  it was a fun bike  and if I recall it only set me back  $1650. off the show room floor

  7. Oh so amusing, nothing slick about this and could anyone talk lower than that guy. Love it.

  8. I owned the KZ650, the “two stripe” paint job, in candy apple red, and I loved it. Great canyon runner. I put a Kerker 4 in 1, and ran Carlisle Roadracing matched tront and rear tires. I put the KZ900 distributor plate with centrifical advance and pick up a bunch more power. Reversed the front tubes and got the caliper underneath for better braking.

    I got radar clocked at 137mph on PCH north of The Arches in Newport by a Huntington Beach speed trap in the old steam plant parking lot, but never got caught. I know that because the Hardly Able-son I was racing got caught, and he told me the cop really wanted the winner the next night.

    I miss that bike.

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