Kawasaki KZ400 Motorcycle 1977

Kawasaki KZ400 Motorcycle 1977
This is one segment from the restored video player “ Kawasaki Good Times Theatre”. The Good Times Theatre video players were used at Kawasaki dealerships in the 1970’s for customer viewing on the showrooms.

This restored video features great Kawasaki moments from the mid to late 1970’s. Audio quality on the restored video is fair, but clearly understandable. This is a great piece of Motorcycle History. Hope you enjoy it.

14 thoughts on “Kawasaki KZ400 Motorcycle 1977

  1. My first bike was a KZ400 it was a great beginer bike with only 34hp and handling like a shwinn you could’nt go wrong. Two years later I upgraded to a 750 Honda but that’s another story.

  2. i´m a owner from the Z400G1 /K4 Custom `79. My Babe waked up to ride 2011

  3. I have a 1978 kz200 and have been looking for a kz400 for a while now. This video is hilarious. 

  4. So amusing, it sure was a different world back then. I wonder why only the USA seems to have had a choice of versions there, as I recall in the UK anyway we got just the standard version.

  5. I gotta stop watching this video, every time I see it I go out and buy another one.

  6. “A comfortable reach-around leather seat for cruising as far as you want to go….” Now who ever said that advertisers didn’t seek out the gay demographic?

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