Kawasaki KZ 1300 Motorcycle Crash

Kawasaki KZ 1300 Motorcycle Crash
Our friend had a death wish back in the day. Here he is crashing a KZ 1300 after trying to stop the bike for an entire block. He told the owner that he wanted to buy the bike but needed to test ride it first. Ooops!

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8 thoughts on “Kawasaki KZ 1300 Motorcycle Crash

  1. Just shaking my head over so much stupidity. He should have never received a motorcycle driving license – in case he has one…! Riding like a maniac in a living neighbourhood. Crossing stop sign. No protective clothing. Obviously totally unsuitable to ride a bike. Hopefully he has the money to pay everyone for the damage he did. And he should be lucky to be alive.

  2. well at least he had his shirt unbuttoned so it could blow in the wind and look cool..

  3. I expect the unlucky ‘rider’ will find an american lawyer who will happily claim against the owner of the doomed KZ1300 for negligence in one way or another.

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