Kawasaki KLX450R Dirt Bike Test – Motorcycle USA

Kawasaki KLX450R Dirt Bike Test – Motorcycle USA
Kawasaki let MotorcycleUSA.com take the all new KLX450R off road dirt bike out for a spin. See great photos and read the test at www.motorcycle-usa.com

23 thoughts on “Kawasaki KLX450R Dirt Bike Test – Motorcycle USA

  1. My local kawasaki center as this down as a ‘dual purpose’ bike? is this correct can you use it for the road to???????

  2. i just said that honda is better thats an opinion so u r kinda a mouthy little shit yourself

  3. Pick a color and go have fun. Once on the trail you can stop and see who can piss the furthest!

  4. the klx 450r is a freaking monster… it kicks ass!! it kicks my ass every time i hit the trail for an 80 mile ride thru the mountains…

  5. i like all the off road versions but i had the crf450x and the valves dont last for shit,ive heard the kawis race model is fairly high maintenance,how bout the trail version?id go with a ktm300xc or the2010 suzuki rm-x450

  6. @XXRichieXXrichXX nope there austrian. huskys are italian i want to say but im not 100% sure. only dirt bike that was american was atk.

  7. my favorite dirt bike is the crf 150f it is the best two stroke in the world even though its expensive

  8. Yes, the CRF150R is a four-stroke. I have one, as well as a KLX450R. The Honda is a kid’s bike, primarily; fast, but far too small (ergonomically) for most adults.
    Too bad the KLX450R is no longer offered in the USA.

  9. The klx 450r was awesome , user friendly , just one year or two sad truth

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