Kawasaki KLR650 Shock Rebuild

Kawasaki KLR650 Shock Rebuild

If you’re an adventure rider you know how important suspension is. Most riders that own a KLR650 know the stock spring is too soft and with the extra luggage with panniers and other bags that come with adventure riding, the ride quality suffers greatly. This video walks your through upgrading the shock spring on a KLR650 and also how to completely rebuild the shock, replacing both the oil seal and dust seal along with the shock fluid leaving you with virtually a brand new shock. We also give you instructions on how to use the shock specialty tools to make the job quicker and easier. With the heavier shock spring the shock will want to rebound faster so we also show you how to adjust the rebound setting on both the older 1987-2007 KLR650’s along with the newer 2008 to current KLR650 bikes. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries all the parts, accessories and apparel you need to keep you and your bike out on the trail. Visit our website www.rockymountainatv.com!

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23 thoughts on “Kawasaki KLR650 Shock Rebuild

  1. Could the difference in the new & old shock be because its made by a different MFG co ? Could you tell me the length of the shock, from bolt hole, to bolt hole, and stock rate of the spring…Thanks. yl

  2. “These are trained professionals. don’t try this at home!” well for me anyway :-0
    how much to rebuild my 07 KLR shock?

  3. wish you could have showed the seal piston washer order. I took mine off and some of the small washers still slipped between the larger washers and are now out of order. No pics online for the E model piston order so I now have to send it in for rebuild. Was also told these alloy All Balls heads can break down and destroy the shaft. You need a dealer to rebuild it so they can order the KYB steel shock head for install.

  4. I Rocky Mountain .follow the footsteps of your video bag spring and then ,, pressed the valve to release the pressure , the bag but does not leave the hydraulic oil through the hollow valvuls

  5. hello and thanks for awesome help video. I’m a expatriate Coloradan living on a remote island in Greece where it is impossible to find a shop that has nitrogen. If I do the rebuild using air instead of nitrogen what will be the result? thanks for your help.

  6. great video…i’m from philippines just need some advice on kmx125 97 model,my shock is no longer working as it should it’s so soft,i think all the gas we’re gone,is it possible to repack and bring back to it’s normal service?

  7. This video is helpful, I have to repair my shock, I have spare seals buy with you, I want to know what grade of oil is applied locally Bel-Ray encounter 3w-5w-10w

  8. this video is very helpful, i own a kawasaki zx7 1992, and my rear shock start loosing oil, this video show me hot to fix it but i couldnĀ“t find the oil reteiner and dust seal on ebay, i hope you guys can help me find the parts i need in order to fix my ride, hoping you can help me, my email is cheherrera92@gmail.com

  9. hi guyes, i repair my kawasaki zx7 rear shock, is similar to the kawasaki KL650, i so that you use 142 ml of oil, also you used 140 psi of nitrogen ,i need to know how many oil should a put in and how many psi of nitrogen, or where can i find some more info abaui it, thanks

  10. I see that you propose a spring change, for the original is too soft. I have the same problem on my XT660Z and I’m planning to rebuild the rear shock. Is there a replacement spring recommendation for my bike?

  11. I have a 2001 KLR – (new to me) The shock is NFG oil leaks and it just bounces . Should I rebuild or start fresh with all new assembly?

  12. Is there a schematic for the washers you placed on the screwdriver? A friend of mine accidently dropped them :/

  13. Stellar video!!! Due to this video, I bought all of the items (from Rocky Mt ATV) and rebuilt my shock today. I’m already a diehard customer but great videos and customer service keep me coming back. Thank you!

  14. A very good video. Followed the procedures outlined and shown in this video . The results are most excellent. Highly recommended!

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