Kawasaki H2R vs Bugatti Veyron Supercar – 1/2 Mile Airstrip Race 2

Kawasaki H2R vs Bugatti Veyron Supercar – 1/2 Mile Airstrip Race 2
World’s Fastest Bike races million-dollar Bugatti Veyron supercar in half-mile airstrip race. First time the claimed 300hp supercharged Kawasaki H2R hyperbike has been used in America. Roll race with 50mph start speed.
Photos & Story Here: http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1505-2015-kawasaki-h2r-vs-bugatti-veyron-spe-gtr-and-mclaren-12c-airstrip-races/

Special Thanks: Omega Motorsports, Sport Rider Magazine, SkyPixel Media (drone footage)

33 thoughts on “Kawasaki H2R vs Bugatti Veyron Supercar – 1/2 Mile Airstrip Race 2

  1. This is a biased race in my opinion, clearly the driver of the Veyron is not pushing the car to its limit, and i will not believe that that’s a modded veyron because they didn’t show any documentation whatsoever, and if they did, compared to the SS which has Carbon Fiber Body, it make a lot of difference in weight reduction. also, the race is only 1/2 mile, try doing it in a 1 mile track we’ll see about that, also again, try racing that bike with Valentino Rossi’s winning Bike, The Yamaha M1

  2. The Bugatti has immense ability from a standstill, but the way the Kawasaki reels it in is simply mind blowing. Those engineers at Kawasaki have my greatest admiration.

  3. that buggati is a grand sport its not that fast as a buggati super sport if that was a super sport or chiron, or buggati turismo that super bike wouldnt have won

  4. first of all this is a grand sport lt is the less expensive lower class buggati it isnt as fast as buggati super sports,chirons,or grand turismo buggatis so of course the h2r would win thats a damn grand sport 258 miles per hour tops h2r 249 but still has less weight and has a faster acceleration

  5. That moment, when you think, the acceleration isn’t that impressive… but then you realise it is mph, not km/h ??

  6. No one realised its a 2008 bugatti? that shits old compared to the 2015

  7. Doubtful that veyron was pushing it. Looks like someone didn’t wish to burn up 6 gallons of gas just to beat that bike.

  8. No wonder it has wings on the front. That thing must wheelie in every gear with wide open throttle!

  9. Bikes faster yeah..but the one that can afford the car, well all I can say is more money$$ could buy plenty of those bikes if not already owned,shops without looking at tags and can travel the world with any one of choice. I would buy the car, better believe that car would shit on any bike top end and would get you there in comfort. that was simply trap speeds is all..I have hit 198mph on my R1

  10. what the hell kind of start signal was that from the douchebag in the hat? too cool to drop your arms. The rider was like WTF?

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