Kawasaki H2R, Riding the fastest production motorcycle in the world!

Kawasaki H2R, Riding the fastest production motorcycle in the world!
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One thought on “Kawasaki H2R, Riding the fastest production motorcycle in the world!

  1. I have a B-King 2008 bought new in 2009 with only 3000 miles on it. This Beast has hit 196 mph, in a highway race with a Kaw ZX 14 without reaching 10,000 rpm in 5th gear. When I saw that I was pulling away from the ZX, I grabbed 6th and began to feather the big Zook down.
    I guess my point is that this thing started at about 35mph and ended at 196 in an astonishingly short period of about 13 seconds. The B-King was rock solid. Only my helment was out of it’s element and began to shake side 2 side until I lowered the speed to a reasonable limit.
    This is no doubt a 200+mph bike, and it happened SO fast that I would not have believed had I not ben on it as it happened.
    You guys have fun, but that brush with death will be the last time I really push a Busa like that again. I saw angels so many times I was using them for braking markers. 😉

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