Kawasaki H2 vs Nissan GTR Drag Race

Kawasaki H2 vs Nissan GTR Drag Race
Kawasaki invited us to race, then they told us it would be the H2 vs a GTR!

19 thoughts on “Kawasaki H2 vs Nissan GTR Drag Race

  1. Here comes gtr fans with their excuses

    This bike is better than most super cars (it’s not even the fastest bike on the market the h2r is ). DEAL WITH IT or kys

  2. I have to say, the most exciting cars and bikes to watch and the ones that always bring out a real challenge have been Japanese vehicles. Lets not forget how affordable and fun they are…

  3. That yellow wing on the rear end though… Is that used for takeoff? Why are you intentionally slowing down the bike?

  4. to put a motorcycle with a car miss match, it tells you that GTR is one the fastest

  5. Why are they showing 120-135 mph trapping cars versus a 150+ mph trapping bike? There are dozens of GTRs and UGR Lambos out there that will absolutely decimate even an H2R, so I’m not sure what the point of getting some slow ones was, other than to jerk themselves off.

  6. I must say for a stock GTR that done very well.
    Would love to see how an Omega GTR or something of that calibre would do.

  7. im focusing on the guy, all of them has beautiful face. love u, u must have a huge dong. i want it! ?

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