Kawasaki H2, Now and Then – Jay Leno’s Garage

Kawasaki H2, Now and Then – Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay drives the 1972 H2 Mach IV and the amazing supercharged supersport Ninja it inspired!
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Kawasaki H2, Now and Then – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage

31 thoughts on “Kawasaki H2, Now and Then – Jay Leno’s Garage

  1. The 1970’s dirty two-strokes motorcycles were outlawed, but the big Diesel pick-up trucks are OK. The exhaust smoke is hiding the corruption.

  2. I had an Orange 1972 H1 and it often had the front wheel off the ground. I really had no idea what I was getting into when I bought the bike from a semi family member in 1980. Hard to describe just how radical the three cylinders where, but it was kind of like having a box of Broncos crossed with angry bees. You knew this monster just wanted to break bad and bad it was. The power band was like some kind of Magic trick. Now days I really do regret selling her, but she eventually needed a lot of work and I am now still alive to tell the story of all the wild things I did on this bike.

  3. I have a mint condition factory 4 page sales brochure of the 1972 750 Mach IV.

  4. In the early 80’s I read of a small custom shop in California (I think) that was removing these 750 2 stroke triples out of old bikes (the 2 strokes had already lost favor with the public and scores of these could be found), and was installing them in the already dangerous Honda 3 wheeled ATV’s (I owned 2 of these, a 110 and 185), turning them into hill eating Widow Makers.

  5. Didn’t Kaw come out with its 500 triple? I heard it was THE FASTEST bike in its debut!

  6. My older brother owned one back in the seventies man that thing was sick back in those days.I owned a RD 350 Yamaha that little bike was quick also that would take on the bigger 4 bangers with no problem did a lot of piston an ring changes though from those high revs of those two stroke engines

  7. when i was in high school my friend had one of these and i raced him with my 69 super bee 383 magnum, he left me in a cloud of smoke and he won the race. it was fast bike.

  8. Tell me everything I need to know about the Kawasaki H2: 18:00

  9. If you try the H 1 go for the years before 1972 since they went to points and didn’t have CDI ignition, and points floated at high revs.

  10. Two stroke street bikes were sold in the US up till 1985.
    RZ 350 Yamaha

  11. Leno gets the Kawa expert out there  ,then , he just keeps talking and the expert is saying , yes , no……..! Leno can’t shut up and let the talk .

  12. Is there a right of passage to a bike of this caliber? Do you need to start on a smaller sport bike before graduating to this beast? I’m experienced with the Harley Fat Boy. Would this be too big of a leap?

  13. 1985 rz 350….end of the 2 strokes in the states.catalysts and auto oil injection that would brick the engines in under 5k mi. use pre mix and lose the cats and you could go 1100 hunting and chew them up. i still own a 1984 rz 350kr and it still is a hard bike to keep up with in the twisties where i live. be prepared to row the shiftier and replace brake pads a lot. fuel mileage…..nope. lots of blue smoke and few mosquito problems behind you….yep ;-). if you run across one it comes highly recommended.

  14. i have a 2003 zx6r 636 version. candy lightening blue. i love that thing. its a classic but it still performs with new bikes. kawasaki always had good stuff.

  15. You should have added the 1984 GPZ 750 TURBO in this mix. It certainly fits the bill.

  16. It evolved from the H1 500 triple. At the time IT was the fastest production bike.

  17. That bike was called the widow maker when I was a kid. Even the 500cc version was wickedly fast.

  18. H2’s from my experience liked to go mostly straight , compared to my Suzuki GT380, had a friend with one and he safety wired everything , both our bikes had chambers, He even had the for the time ultra exotic , Lester mag or cast wheels on it, cycle world published a pattern for drilling the discs and he did mine for me too. Great old days. you didnt really notice the acceleration it was just suddenly you had to shift it. on and off power band. you were too busy holding on. the sound was epic of course .another buddies H1 and my Gt 380 ‘s exhaust or intake noise would resonate between the bikes at 3000 rpm in third and we’d set up quite a sound wave cruising rte 1. era 1975

  19. one of the best things is separate gear box oil and always clean engine oil blowing thru the cylinders,

  20. I once had Kawasaki 500 cc two stroke triple , .. and a RD 350 Yamaha… Great Video.!!

  21. Hello, just to comment that i have never seen a lot of two strokes in the garage. Were are the NSR, RGV, RGV RD’s. It would be nice and i am sure pople would love to see the SUTER 500 in your garage. 2 strokes are back in motocross so its a good time to have a tribute on the legend of 2 stroke moto gp era. hope we see any NSR500 or RG500 soon,, thanks

  22. They didn’t want to use a boom mic so they dueled the t shirt mics #jaygonestereo

  23. sorry I am Canadian. two strokes were banned in the USA? I rode a 50cc two stroke in high school in the 90s in Alberta.

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