Kawasaki ER6 motorcycle in a flood (A28 flooded)

Kawasaki ER6 motorcycle in a flood (A28 flooded)
It started raining when I was returning home from a very nice touring weekend with some friends. About 30km from home I noticed a traffic jam ahead and when I was about to turn on my warning signals, I ended up in this situation.

A part of the highway was flooded because of heavy rain. My visor was dirty and I couldn’t see the road clearly while I was focusing on the traffic jam in front of me

A28 Amersfoort-Zwolle (20-05-2012)

26 thoughts on “Kawasaki ER6 motorcycle in a flood (A28 flooded)

  1. Same thing happened to me today – my reaction was pretty much the same as yours. Glad you didn’t fall either!

  2. Did it blow your feet off the pegs. I had water do that to me one, and it scared the hell out of me. I wasn’t in a flood like you were. Good riding, glad to see you made it to the other side of the lake.

  3. Driving over 95 mph in the rain directly behind cars, what an idiot. People like this give bikers a bad name, atleast they keep the organs flowing for people who need them !

  4. i am amazed that you managed to kept the bike stood up during the holy move.

  5. You are so fucking stupid it literally hurts me. Please stay off the roads. You clearly are not mentally fit to be out in public.

  6. Did the same sort of thing on my little honda grom. Its surprising how much it slows you down once you enter the water. Feels like you might go over the front.

  7. puuh, you are a realy lucky man! This video is also upped from “High Speed Motorbike”?

  8. Hey Bro,would it be nice if i feature your video into Floods Vs Bikers compilation?
    I will credit you intro description and comment section. 🙂

  9. Hey skynet. Would be cool use this video in my new Compilation Video? i will give you full credit in my description! You like this?

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