Kawasaki 750 crazy motorcycle dragbike exhaust system close up

Kawasaki 750 crazy motorcycle dragbike exhaust system close up
Check out this Kawasaki 750 triple “TRIPLE THREAT” motorcycle and its crazy drag bike triple exhaust system, video close up from NHDRO Round 4 Summer Celebration event held at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indy 8-20-11. This bike is a 2-stroke animal, able to push this wheelie bar drag bike into the 9 second zone in the Super Eliminator class! I didn’t know this video would become so poller or I would have filmed it going down the drag strip on its next pass, but since the filming of this video I have recorded tons of new 2-stroke Super Eliminator class racing full quarter mile at Indy! If you would like to check out sue of this videos here are a few links:

Want to see an entire full event compilation of Super Eliminator 2-stroke drag bike racing action, click here:

If you love Triples and 2 stroke engines, check out my channel for awesome motorcycle racing action from this event:

17 thoughts on “Kawasaki 750 crazy motorcycle dragbike exhaust system close up

  1. This is Pete Jones the owner & rider of TRIPLE THREAT.Yes this bike has been 9.50 in May1992.I’m going to upload the video of that pass.In 1992 it possessed a 792cc Denco motor, that Bill Burdette of Denco Preformance built.The Orginators of Denoc was Boris Murry,Dennis Den & Tony Nicleseal.Currently I have Billett heads that produced over 250lbs per sq in of cylinder pressure.I will be having it Dynoed soon & I will up load it for everyone to see.Hopefully it will go mid 7’s in 2014.

  2. man thats awesome! Bring that beast out to an NHDRO race in 2014 and let me film this beast again!

  3. Bro I have hundreds of Super Eliminator full event race movie compilation on my channel take a look!

  4. I owned a 500 and a 750. The most ill handling pieces of shit I ever owned. Soo much fun. I loved them.

  5. I will be 60 in a few months and my 1st bike in 1972 was a 73 S-2 =350 triple, man how I abused that bike 1 summer, I did so many wheelies that the headlight literally fell out. Sold after the end of the summer and bought a 74 Z-1. I can tell you that the S-2 with the 3 sets of points was a true PITA unless you loved to wrench it, I carried extra plugs and wrench with me- I think it was fair to say the Honda 350 was a more reliable bike

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