Kawasaki 48 Cylinder Runs!

Kawasaki 48 Cylinder Runs!
Quick clip of the Worlds largest multi Cylinder Motorcycle, this 48 cylinder bike was built by my pal Simon Whitelock – here it is at the Triples Rally in 2004 – it is actually 49 cylinder as the initial sound is of the single cylinder starter engine

17 thoughts on “Kawasaki 48 Cylinder Runs!

  1. what happen about your side part am afraid how to sit on it my thy legs would burn toiching exaust pipe.

  2. I’ve seen lots of videos on this bike but never seen it ridden on the road. If you put 48 chain saw engines on a 2X8 with C Bclamps you would have the same thing. This guys got 4 foot shoulders and a size 2 cap!!

  3. This isn’t just an injustice to fossil fuels. This is a direct double middle finger with your dick hanging out.

  4. I have an idea use that smaller engine to start up the 48 cylinder engine and use the 48 cylinder engine to start a 120 cylinder and so on until you have a 1000 cylinder engine started up and ready to go

  5. Bet it’s not much faster than a normal superbike, and it surely wouldn’t handle like one.

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