Hypersport Motorcycle Cons – Kawasaki zx14r Suzuki Hyabusa

Hypersport Motorcycle Cons – Kawasaki zx14r Suzuki Hyabusa
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8/28/14 MotoVlog: CycleCruza gives his thoughts on the cons of hypersport motorcycles such as the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki Zx-14r.

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23 thoughts on “Hypersport Motorcycle Cons – Kawasaki zx14r Suzuki Hyabusa

  1. sorry to say but you may say they are heavier bikes but it’s all about center of gravity. ur cbrs have low cog. but the zx14 is for its weight the cog is lower. im willing to be a zx14 can out run a cbr 600 or 1000 in ur “twisties”.

  2. I have owned a zx6r, zx7r, zx10r and a zx14r.. If your a town rider the smaller bikes are fine. If you rode trip like me the 14 is a dream. We have done 918 miles in 24 hours. On my 10 after 300 miles my ass was killing me felt every damn bump in the rode. When we did it on the 14 it was like a night and day. Ass never hurt like it did on the 10, couldn’t feel all the bumps and was much happier with the ride.. But when we ride it’s not a rode trip unless you cross one state border…

  3. I’ve have a 02 R1 05R1 two Zx10rs a Busa and a Harley Street Glide That heavy bike talk is bullshit. I suggest you at least ride the bikes you talk about.

  4. These are sport touring bikes meant for long highway commutes. You should be comparing w other sport touring bikes, like FJR1300

  5. I agree with some of your comments, but experience beats speculation every time. Glad you are riding what you love, I have ridden 600,750,1000, 1298 Ducati, Harley V-Rod and currently zx14r. Honestly I found out that I don’t like having to downshift in any gear to pass someone. Just my opinion, 600/750 not enough power and the 1000/Ducati were powerful enough but still not very comfortable. Harley was by far the slowest/least powerful but hands down the most comfortable. Then the ZX14r blended the best of the Harley’s comfort with the power of the 1000 plus just enough extra torque at all times. Now I cruise easy even 300+miles easy, 3 hour rides only stopping for gas and I haven’t modified the bike yet for comfort just some slip-ons so people can hear me on the highway.

  6. 400 pounds is NOT light for a motorcycle. I have a Bandit 1200 that weighs in at 460 pounds so a 600 should be 100 pounds (or more) less than that like maybe 360. 400 pounds is more than double the average rider’s weight so I do not accept that it is light. A dirt bike at a little over 200 pounds is “light”.

  7. hell no. 45. first street bike minus 150cc and 250cc mopods at 15 and 17, at 18 was 89 fzr 1000 with my gear and gas weight was a good 540. nimble as hell and then i was only maybe 150lbs. jump past the one 600 i had a big slow mistake, zip past all the gsxr 750 and 1000s, a few cbrs and a few ducatis and a few busas, one turbo had 300hp to my 2015 zx14 which i just traded for a new 2017 zx14. riden them all and while obviously the weight of the big displacement bikes is there, in no way does the busa or zx14 strain in the cornering at most speeds. my 2015 zx14 was down to 525 with pipe and wheels plan to be near that or less with 2017 zx14. once you had the litre bike fun and prefer a more enjoyable and comfortable ride you will find yourself on one of these to.

  8. i have to disagree i drove a 09 cbr600rr 600 miles and it killed me ..hypersports ride better and more comfortable and the cbr sucked a lot more gas than my busa at hwy speeds

  9. I have a 2016 zx14r and it doesn’t feel heavy at all it feels lighter than my gsx1250fa but you do have the choice of the h2

  10. I’ll stick with my 14 but would love to own another 750 as a track whore/2nd bike.ย all bikes have their place and ya ride what works for you currently. Never thought I’d own a Busa but I did and loved it. Wife and I put 28k miles in 3-4 years (while owning other bikes at the same time) on it.ย Now, with the ’12 Zx14R, we are even happier.

  11. had a cbr 600 didn’t do it for me bought a r1 still boring needed more power and yes weight got a zx 14 voila just right for me i think it’s always about the rider

  12. Followup: I bought the ZX14R SE, and it’s awesome. I had an FZ-1, and the ZX14R feels lighter on top because of the low center of gravity. I thought for sure it was going to feel super heavy because of all the people speculating based on the weight. I tilts left and right faster than my 1000cc did. Where you can feel the difference in the turns is due to the long wheelbase and the additional gyroscopic force of the larger motor spinning. It’s the most comfortable sportbike I’ve ridden however, and you won’t understand the power until you get one. It’s not just “additional top end power” at all, it’s ALL over the rev band. The ZX14R is a stroker motor, and it builds massive torque from 3,500 rpm and up. It’s clear that the 120 lb ft at the crank is doing way more than just offsetting the weight. 70lb ft from a 1000cc way up in the rev range just can’t compare rolling from a stop or out of a corner on the street. The ZX14 hits 70lb ft by about 3,000rpm and then peaks by 7,500rpm! 1000’s have top end power, the the 1441cc of the ZX14R has all over power. Now to swap exhausts and battery and a fender eliminator to drop 30 lbs or so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. so you’ve never ridden one but you’ll still comment on them ??..I’ve toured on a busa and it was excellent and not to bad on the twisties…you really should film your brisk ride through the twisties…never seen cc do brisk through the twisties…lol…come on cc film it.

  14. so you’ve never ridden one but you’ll still comment on them ??..I’ve toured on a busa and it was excellent and not to bad on the twisties…you really should film your brisk ride through the twisties…never seen cc do brisk through the twisties…lol…come on cc film it….

  15. lol this is the same subject as gun caliber religion…. ive had my 14 zx14 r in turns for years…. its experience… the rider makes the difference…

  16. I rode a busa one time it wasn’t too heavy but I like lighter bikes too. I personally want a zx14r though.

  17. I traded my cbr1000rr for a ZX14 due to comfort and it was the best decision I could have made, the CBR is a great bike for the track but I would rather have my zx on the street, also the zx looks way better imo….. still enjoy your videos though CC!!

  18. Get urself on one of those first before u start a video… Its fucking awesome, fun and easy to ride… Mind u i jump frm a FZ16 (150cc) to a zzr1400… I was shocked when i rode it the first time… I thought i was riding a small cc bike… Many of my friends were shocked when they tried my bike… They were riding R1 n Fireblade n sorts but still get the same reaction when they got on mine… Dont be fooled by the outlook…

  19. I love my 2016 ZX-14R ๐Ÿ™‚ And the heaviness at rest translates into stability in straight lines and corners, which makes for easier control rather than a light & twitchy bike (I came off of 3 years of riding a Ninja 300). And twisting the right-side handgrip creates magic ๐Ÿ™‚

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