Howto: Replace Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets in 10 mins (’09 Ninja 250)

Howto: Replace Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets in 10 mins (’09 Ninja 250)
Diemuzi (Sammie’s) chain and sprocket upgrade and replacement on his 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250. This bike is identical from 2008-2010 (at time of this writing.) He did all the cameraman work for me.

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36 thoughts on “Howto: Replace Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets in 10 mins (’09 Ninja 250)

  1. An impact wrench is for sissies, this video proves you don’t need one. Banging things together? WTF is that nonsense? Thats just stupid talk. These parts better be able to tolerate handling, as the abuse they receive in function is far greater than anything my hands could do. If you handle them anything softer, you are a queer. You’re probably also the kind of guy that wear gloves in the garage so you don’t get your hands dirty. Aww you poor little poopy. Go take your “chain barker” elsewhere.

  2. I know this may be a stupid question but I’m thinking of doing this to my 2012 250 and does it affect the Speedo any?

  3. Great Video, helped me understand my bike better.
    i plan to do this on my own and save some money.
    thanks again!

  4. Can anyone tell me the size of the front sprocket nut?
    Plus I have no access to a grinder…. Would by luck, it work if I used a chain breaker?

  5. My chain breaker was crappy, it broke. Grinder was the next fastest solution to removing an old chain that we don’t care about. I can’t remember the sprocket nut size but I’ll google it for you… Google returns 27mm, and that sounds about right.

  6. What the hell does all that mean? LOL! And what does this bike being a 250 have to do with anything else? If you’re gonna troll (I see trolling is all you do by looking at your other posts) try to say something intelligible with proper punctuation so you make sense. You might actually get a stir that’s worthwhile instead of making yourself look like the idiot.

  7. Savage tutorial, looks like I’m changing my chain by myself this summer, saving me some serious buck. Thanks a million, man!

  8. @vvtheduckvv in the first part of your video i can get the shift linkage off the cover of the front sprocket. it has a little play but wont come off

  9. Thanks for the video! This looks super do-able. Dealerships telling you it can’t be done by hand is just silly. I’ve busted the axle nut off of an old rusty ass BMW – even broke the locking mechanism clean off – with all 120 lbs of me. If I can do that anyone can change their damned sprockets!! That being said, impact gun makes life a lot easier if you have one…
    Thanks again, my ninja 500r is gonna be happy.

  10. Thanks for the comment! It wasn’t the dealerships that said that, though, it was the people on the fansites and other forums, lol. I’m sure the dealerships are plenty happy letting everyone to believe that, though. You’re the best! Get some video cracking the next nut loose!

  11. Thanks so much for the helpful video. I’m sort of in the middle of this whole process right now with my 2004 EX250. I’m going now to try to get the rear wheel put back on. Wish me luck!

  12. Would it be possiable to 1) remove the nuts from the rear sprocket 2) release the rear tensioners and remove ONLY the axle nut on the CHAIN side 3) push the axle from the CHAIN side 1/3 the way thru 4) remove the rear sprocket by sneaking it between the wheel and the frame. Change the rear SPROCKET and never remove the back wheel or disturb the disk break. Just wondering

  13. Yes, but its easier to just pull it all off then finagle and fight with the silly stuff.

  14. I wonder what foot pounds those kawa 250 front sprockets are because my sv650`s felt like it was welded on. My bro who weighs 230 pounds stood with his whole weight on the rear brake and the rear wheel was still turning. I nearly tipped the bike over undoing it.
    I Changed the cv boots on my car one time and the driveshaft nuts which are torqued to 210 foot pounds were far easier to undo.

  15. I don’t know what the TQ spec is off the top of my head, but if you check out my other videos you can see I removed the countershaft sprocket on 2 Ninja 250s and an SV650, all using the same method. I weigh about 255lbs, but built like a gorilla. I wrapped myself around the bike and yoinked it off. It does require strength and technique. I had the bike on a stand to keep it straight, no worries of tipping over. Try removing a VW Bug rear axle nut, its 217ft/lbs and has about 50 years of rust!

  16. great vid thanks! just called my local shop and they quoted me 120$ in labor 1.5hrs and they asked about my parts that ive already purchased and said that they wont install clip style master link that they dont go on street bike and that they wouldnt warranty my install plus 100$ to buy their chain…i smell total BS gonna do the repair myself thanks!

  17. I’ve been working on cars, bikes and other machinery for 20 plus years. The threads on the sv were sprayed and soaked with wd40 before i started, even though it was a nearly new bike at the time and very clean. I was just experimenting with different sprocket teeth numbers, though i eventually did change back to the original size.
    I was watching the video more on a random spree really, not for any tutorial on how to do it.
    Oh and i’m built like a brick shithouse, so muscle wasn’t the problem ; )

  18. “emphasis on the little nuts” … “nut all over it” lol these references, this guy keeps the informational funny xD

  19. just wondering what rpm you get at 110kph with the 38 tooth sprocket. very interested in doing this to mine 🙂 thanks so much

  20. I didn’t know I would find a tutorial for my specific bike for my specific problem on YT, liked!

  21. Ha, yeah “10 minutes”, 10 minutes of youtube video, that shit looked like it took about an hour to do haha, still great video

  22. Is it really safe to clip the outer link only with pliers?
    What does it mean that the “connecting link and outer plate must be fitted with the closed end in the direction of the chain movement”??

  23. Thanks so much for this video!!!!!!   My bike has 12,000 miles, and noticing that chain tension is hard to adjust and alignment marks moving farther back.  Is 12k typical for a change in sprockets and chain?  Where is the best place to shop for a chain?  Partzilla said 200.  Any cheaper place to buy?  Do you have a video on changing fork seals?  I’ve got to do that in the next two weeks as well as this job. Do you know what size triple tree pin fits in a 4th gen Ninja 250?  I have to buy a triple tree frontlift also, just want to make sure I don’t have to reorder. Thanks again!!!!!

  24. The 2011 Ninja 250 service manual says to replace the rear sprocket nuts with new ones.  Is this necessary?  If so, should I get OEM nuts, or just go a hardware store?  It also says to use Molybdenum disulfide oil solution on the threads of the “output shaft” and the “seating surface of the engine sprocket nut” when installing the front sprocket.

  25. +vvtheduckvv wouldn’t this replacement change engine rpm at greater speeds and is it actually better for fuel consumption

  26. 2006 250 ninja leaks oil at countershaft does this have a countershaft seal and where can i find it to purchase

  27. 1:18 you said you dont remember what size is , but can you check your tools and tell me the size? because I dont want to buy the wrong size tool, thanks

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