How to Winterize Motorcycle – Ninja 250

How to Winterize Motorcycle – Ninja 250
How to Winterize Your Motorcycle – Ninja 250
I walk you through how to get ready for winter.
The main thing to do is to get the gas out of the carburetor.
The gas, if left in the carb, will eat away at the carb and eventually destroy it.
Keep the bike in a garage and keep it out of the sun.

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14 thoughts on “How to Winterize Motorcycle – Ninja 250

  1. could you just shut off the fuel and run the bike until the motor used up all the gas in the carbs?

  2. Yes drain the carbs, but fill the tank fully and put stabilizer in it. Will rust the tank otherwise

  3. Take you battery out maybe ? cuzz it’l drain during the winter if you don’t start you bike . or hook it up to a charger or somthing. and a proper wash before stalling it and greacing of all the frequently rusting parts …

  4. Ahhh wow, although draining your bike can be a good idea when storing a motorcycle. What you’ve also done is allowed moisture to get into your tank and now it will rust. What you should have done is filled your gas tank to the top and added fuel stabilizer, you wouldn’t even have to bother draining your carb especially if you were planning to only store it for 2-3 months. Another thing (most important thing), you didn’t even do an oil change which is soo bad for your motor. You’ve got shitty oil that is going to sit there over winter and eat away at your seals. Last tip, get your bike off the ground or you’ll damage your tires.

  5. no need to take gas out…just put gas stabilizer in the tank when its full. the you let bike idol for 10-15 min…

  6. did you personally experience any problems due to this procedure after you brought it out of winterization? Such as rusted tank or anything else.

  7. So… its not ok to just run it till its empty? Its kinda what I was told

  8. Question, what if I start the bike every day for like 20 mins during cold weather? Is that ok? That way I don’t have to drain the carb. I own a 09 250.

  9. I just run it till close to empty and use stabil-ize in the tank which has worked great for 4 winters. 2011 kawasaki 250R

  10. What cleaning chemicals, rags, brushes, etc, do you use to clean off the interior mechanics?

  11. could you also empty the gas out of the tank, then run the bike until she dies as another method of draining the carbs?

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