How to Valve Adjustment on Motorcycle Kawasaki Concours C10

How to Valve Adjustment on Motorcycle Kawasaki Concours C10
This video shows you how to do a valve adjustment on your motorcycle. I am doing this on a 2000 Kawasaki Concours C10 with 29000 miles.
Procedure is pretty simple and only basic tools are needed.
To get to the valve cover remove:
• Mid-fairing
• Lower fairing
• Gas tank
• Coils
• Air hoses

Remove valve cover retaining bolts and remove cover
Remove pulsar cover to access crack shaft bolt (24mm) – turn it counter-clockwise to rotate crankshafts
Align marks 1.4 or 2.3 with small black marker on the right side
Adjust corresponding valves:
Intake: 0.007
Exhaust: 0.009
(these are what I use – I keep mine set to the open end)

Put everything back together and you are all done. It is an easy job, can be completed in about 3-4 hrs if you know what you are doing. And will definitely save $$$ compared to the dealership or local motorcycle shop.

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9 thoughts on “How to Valve Adjustment on Motorcycle Kawasaki Concours C10

  1. Thank you for the nicely done video.  I’m working up my confidence to try a valve adjustment for the first time on my 2002 Concours.

  2. Nice job on the video, helps to see the insides. I have a question, regarding when the valves need to be checked. I don’t have a  Concours yet, but may buy one.
    Do have a 2004 Vulcan en500ltd, and it looks like half of your motor somewhat. It’s valves need to be adjusted every 7,500 miles if memory serves, they look so much alike, just only smaller.
    It’s nice it’s not shims to, no cams to take out, if it needs adjusting, but shim & bucket bikes do go longer in between checks. Thanks. yl

  3. Thanks for showing me how. I’m going to be tearing into my 2006 Concours on my next free weekend. Any chance you’ll do a video on the carb sync?

  4. Great info video, so, will your clearance be good for any year and mileage? How do I know where to set it at? Should I just use your .007/.009? I have a 2006 w/ 35k miles. Thank you!

  5. It’s a really well-done video, but I wish you had shown the actual process of adjusting the valves.

  6. Thanks for all this info you are getting me up and running right before I thought I would….going through a $500 bike I picked up with some serious maintenance neglect

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