How to ride a motorcycle (pt1)

How to ride a motorcycle (pt1)
I teach you how to ride a motorcycle for the first time on a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250r. This is part one!

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17 thoughts on “How to ride a motorcycle (pt1)

  1. Thanks mate, really appreciate you making this video. I went for a CBT yesterday and had to back out due to the instructor not having enough time to spare to help me get to grips with this (he had 3 other more experienced riders he also had to work with at the time). I’m going back Tuesday for a private session so I’ll definitely have your video in mind when I do. Thanks again 🙂

  2. i am new to this and was wondering what to do with speed bumps, where i am we have very steep or very large speedbumps

  3. I remember watching this video just before I got my L’s, got me so excited and keen to get on the moto! Good to see you

  4. This was what actually taught me how to ride for the first time. Then I became a better rider, and later on I started racing. Awesome to come back to the very first video I wachted on how to ride. Thanks, Blinky. You will always be my fav. vlogger, even though you stopped.

  5. you will always be the best motorcycle vlogger man,, wish i was millioner i will buy you sir a bike you deserve it for being the best

  6. i really dont get how you can shift to second without going back to neutral

  7. 4 years ago. You taught me to ride, I subscribed, a loyal follower, and now, I no longer have my 2011 250r, I have a 2010 zx6r. YOU NEED A BIKE AGAIN BLINKY!

  8. I came you your Chanel in 2011 to learn how to ride a motorcycle (ninjer 250 of course!), but I kept coming back cause you are the most entertaining vlogger. It’s been a few years and a few bikes later and you are still my favorite motorcycle vlogger. Need to get a bike again man!

  9. This makes it look sooo easy.. I’m starting on a 600 but it seems like that point where the bike starts to move when you let the clutch out to the point where the bike stalls for me is SOO small even when I’m releasing the clutch as slow as possible. And mentally I’m scared to add any throttle before hand because I have it in my head as a fear that it’s going to yank out from underneath me. I’m taking the msf course in a little less than 2 weeks so hopefully I’ll learn there.

    These YouTube videos titled “teach a new person how to ride a motorcycle” should really be:
    “Let me teach you how to stop a motorcycle” Video.
    That would be the nicest thing you could do for your friend second to sending them to a certified motorcycle training school.
    Motorcycles are for fun 99.5% of the time. It is no fun if your new rider runs into something.

    There is nothing worse than an amateur unqualified motorcycle ‘instructor’

    You NEVER start off a first time person like that. You get them on a 125cc small bike. You DO NOT start the engine EVER – hide the key.
    You need at least 2 people. The new rider after being shown and understand every part and item on the motorcycle – they sit on the motorcycle with 2 feet down always.

    The second person is behind and pushes in a straight line. So when the new rider is ready they yell “go” and the person behind pushes….when the motorcycle is rolling straight ahead the person behind yells “stop”. The new rider stops the motorcycle with the rear brake only. You do this over and over maybe 25 times.

    Then next you do the same but instead part 2 is use the front brake only each time. Maybe 25 times.

    Then part 3 is using both brakes equally maybe 25 times.
    A new person is not allowed to start the engine until they know how to stop. And be very comfortable at stopping smoothly. If that is all you do on your first day that is great. With no engine. So they have had the experience of stopping a motorcycle at least 75 times or more with no engine.

    There are hundreds of videos on YouTube of “fails” of new riders getting on … starting the engine and the motorcycle races into a fence or wall or something and the person has no clue how to stop the machine.
    If you can’t stop a motorcycle with both brakes in a proficient smooth manner you are not allowed to start the engine.

    And two feet down for every stop and two feet up at the same time as soon as the person starts to push. The same when the engine is running some day. I have seen beginners fall over trying to use one leg or the other. One foot means the bike is tilted and unstable.

    That is how new riders crash.
    They must learn to stop in a controllable manner first. New riders should never be put into ‘panic’ first day situations.

    Part 2 next day or after lunch …with no engine…. the new rider walks the motorcycle around in small figure eights for about 10 minutes to get used to the feel of it and the steering input and how it leans a bit to turn. And NO the engine is still not running.

    Part 3…… to be continued is a total orientation of every part of the motorcycle especially the functional items. And how to do a pre-start inspection of a motorcycle.

    Part 4 …. your mindset. Are you really ready to ride every time? In a good mood, not hungover, had enough sleep, feel fully alert, not in a hurry, not worried or upset about anything, are you not prepared for the days weather? Did you forget to have all the right riding clothes on?
    If any of those apply. Leave it in the garage and take the bus.

  11. thanks for the video best video on youtube for how to learn to ride a motorbike just bought a yamaha mt 125

  12. Thank you for all of these vids. They actually really helped me. I would hug you if I could. Lol

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