How to flush the brake fluid on your motorcycle!

How to flush the brake fluid on your motorcycle!
How to flush the DOT4 brake fluid from a motorcycle.

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  1. We aren’t bleeding air out…..or letting anything sit all night. This is an easy process that only takes 10-15 minutes and the purpose is to replace the old fluid.

  2. Yes, you can. It will take a little longer and you will have to close the valve before you release the lever after each stroke of the handle. You can also take a clear hose and run it into a clean bottle with a little fluid in it and just pump the brake (like a one man bleeder kit). You have to keep the end of the hose below the surface of the fluid in the bottle so no air pulls back up though.

  3. Brake fluid EATS paint… So you are incorrect that it won’t hurt the paint.

  4. hello ZX Kawi, ive been trying to bleed my rear brakes of my 2003 R6. Ive cleaned the calipers and pistons. The pistons work fine because they go in and out properly. Ive used a mityvac as well but think the hose is too big for the bleed nipple. I flushed the brake line with a couple of reservoirs but i think because of the loose fitting ive sucked air into the system and now the piston go out but not back in i think. The pads scrape the rotors badly. Any suggestions ? Super annoying….:(

  5. Very good video thanks! Only thing is I couldn’t tell when the fluid was clean because the hose was discolored. I guess they get that way after some use. I picked up a new mityvac so I should be able to see it pretty quick. I’m glad you described that part though.

  6. FYI. You should note that this is for this model only. My 82 Yamaha requires dot 3, for anyone that isn’t fully educated.

  7. Ok so I haven’t change my brake fluid its clean but kind of low should I change it or add to my reservoir

  8. If it’s nice and clear, just add to it. Check your manual for correct fluid. Most newer bikes are Dot4, the older ones can be 3 or 4.

  9. “this is not corrosive, this will not hurt your paint or anything” WTF?!?!?! BRAKE FLUID WILL STRIP PAINT!!!!

  10. I changed the brake fluid and for some reason I need to press harder the brake level , any ideas ??

  11. that spool in the rear… does it touch the muffler if you hit a bump? it is sticking out too much…

  12. you say in your video that brake fluid is none corosive WRONGvery very bad for paint my friend you shoud corect wath you said it cood cost you problems

  13. Thanks for taking the time to make the video, I’ll be doing my Versys once I sort a pump out.

  14. do you need the vacuum pump tool? on a car you just pump the brakes so I’m just wondering

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