How to Double, 2 Upping on Motorcycle – Ninja 250

How to Double, 2 Upping on Motorcycle – Ninja 250
How to Double, 2 Upping – Ninja 250
Kawasaki Ninja 250 how to double, 2 upping on motorcycle.
The Ninja 250 is a pretty good bike for doubling.
Doubling on ninja 250.

Riding starts at 3:20

Doubling on motorcycle, Ninja 250:
-Get the ladies some gear for riding the Motorcycle
-Move your weight forward on the motorcycle.
-Grab the drivers waist while motorcycle.
-Don’t adjust your weight until the driver knows so you don’t crash the motorcycle.
-Lean into every corner with the motorbike.
-Use the gas tank on the motorbike to stop yourself from falling off of the motorcycle.
-Don’t go nuts on the bike, if the bike crashes you kill 2 people and not just yourself.
-Try to have some fun.

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28 thoughts on “How to Double, 2 Upping on Motorcycle – Ninja 250

  1. If you were only going down the road, Why did you have a proper motor jacket on, Why did you have proper gloves on, and yet your poor passenger just had an ordinary coat and no gloves, very condescending to passenger. If I had been a female I would have hit you.

  2. I’ve found that high revs sometimes may scare passengers. I know it can’t really be helped with a Ninja 250 since it’s very low power for two people but I would probably give that some consideration for a first time passenger.

  3. everyone’s gotta different way to start but I’d never start on a 250 it’s like riding a scooter plus you get bored way to fast I started on my 600 and that’s what I’d recommend but use your head don’t get on it balls to the wall first time out.

  4. lol my date and i went on the highway and it was my first time ever being on a bike let alone with him. and these tips helped out so much! thank you! he even complimented on how a good rider i was lol. my tip is if you get nervous try to enjoy the ride! look at the scenery 🙂

  5. Can you send (or someone) a link on where to get that rear seat? He knock off I got doesn’t fit right.

  6. when teaching my girlfriend to ride with me i told her to pretend she is attached to my back. Whatever angle I lean at she needs to lean with me.
    If she is worried about cooties that would be a problem.

  7. at this point we corner harder when riding double than I can riding single. The added weight helps cornering traction.

  8. people saying 250’s are slow ought to try them on winding mountain roads. I recently smoked a new Boss 302 mustang on Ca Hwy 20 west with my wife on the back of my 250.
    The mustang driver looked super pissed off when I passed him. He tried to keep up but had no chance in hell.
    My girl trusts my riding and I take every curve at absolute maximum speed at all times.

  9. Only 3 months ago it was the first time I hopped on the back of a bike (at 12 yrs of age) and I have to say Iv fallen in love.

  10. i don’t know about anyone else haha but that Lyft ad was badass haha quite entertaining for a YT ad.

  11. are you telling me chicks would dig me if I got a 250 instead of 500? famn it.

    just goes to show that it’s not the size that matters but what you do with it.

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