How to do Motorcycle Donuts with a Versys X-300

How to do Motorcycle Donuts with a Versys X-300
Donut worry you will really appreciate this motovlog. And donut judge us about our puns. We donut care. Donut forget to watch the full review of the Kawasaki Versys X-300. Donut.

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29 thoughts on “How to do Motorcycle Donuts with a Versys X-300

  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on this. Thank you sir haha!

  2. Cool bike but…CBX 500 or even better with rally raid conversion. It’s what people prefer.

  3. what´s your opinion on the CSC RX3 ? i was surprized that you put it along the Honda,and BMW in your comment. here in Argentina the CSC RX3 is branded “Corven Touring 250” and they sell it without Fuel inyection but it´s very popular for touring with low budget since there are still few other bikes in that segment.

  4. Will you be reviewing the Ducati Multistrada Enduro? And the updated 2018 R1200GS Adventure? Ryan?

  5. Hey Ryan, could you maybe invite a small person on to do a video about best helmets for small riders? Us tiny people are sick of the same giant shells with extra padding. Having a shell that is too big for my body proportions makes shoulder checks and long distance riding harder than it should be. I think it would be a cool vid! thanks for considering!

  6. Torque. My god that movie was laughable. So bad it was comically good.
    Great job, yet again F9.

  7. Hahaha right at end “hopefully the cord wasnt in the shot. Probably wasnt”

  8. Got myself a Honda CB500x, she has kenda big block knobbies on her and can really move both on and offroad. Throw in a stage 3 Rally Raid kit, and a spare gas tank, you have yourself a fully capable adventure touring bike.

  9. LMAO I don’t know who this Steve guy is but he’s doing a great job, this was such a funny video

  10. the fact that the edit use Torque the movie, for the torque reference, it makes a wins in so many levels,

  11. You said Revs comically High. Does that mean people may laugh at me as I zing by on a little motorcycle? I’m 225lbs so will probably be high revs a lot lol.

  12. I ate 3 donuts from Tim hortons before watching this, I feel very Canadian right now

  13. Great video. Can I take it that the ABS was engaged (you didn’t take the fuse out for this video) and you used the original rear sprocket? (I saw that you recommended two more teeth in your full review. 🙂

  14. You should make these a section in on itself (returning the bikes), like Motorcyclist’s Commute videos. The thoughts on the bike post review are also informative and straight to the point (these remind me of Revzilla’s Sh*t I couldn’t say videos).
    And yeah, those mega produced Reviews are incredible. I truly hope you guys can sustain the enormous amount of work and story you put on those, they are very entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

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