How to clean motorcycle carbs

How to clean motorcycle carbs
In this video I show you how to clean your carburetors. I am performing this service on a Kawasaki Ninja 250r.

The ninja has dual carbs – the procedure is same on most carbs.

Most of the times when your bike does not start after not being run for a while, or does not idle without choke, the culprit is clogged pilot jet(s). If the bike starts and idles fine, but dies when given gas, the culprit is clogged main jet(s). I will also show you how to adjust your air / fuel mixture screw.

So watch the video to become a carb expert and save hundreds of dollars by doing this service yourself.

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36 thoughts on “How to clean motorcycle carbs

  1. You shouldn’t soke the bowls with carb cleaner. The little O-ring on the bottom for the drain screw will get damaged and your bowls might start to leak from the drain holes…

    It also eats plastic. So removing floats and float needles is necessary. No rubber or plastic parts in the carburetors when cleaning!

  2. Fantastic video, very in depth and easy to follow. I plan to do this on my 1991 kawasaki 600r thats been sitting for 2 years over the weekend and will be using this video as reference.

  3. ►►► Thank you, I had cleaned for 2nd time the same model bike carb but I never removed the SCREW-PILOT AIR, so I still having a little problem lacking power and I guess is due this part… I will try it again. Regars

  4. What should this bike idol on once cleaned n fully working. ATM i get very uneven rev rate n bike cuts out eventually unless i set it at 1800-2000.But just having bought this as a cheap, porly maintained Learner bike to fix up for my friend. Im guessing oil, air, petrole filters n sparks plugs have all been cleaned/ replaced. That it should be set idol at about 1600?

  5. Thanks for the replies….. Yeah fixing this Learner bike for my friend has revealed the hardest/ time consuming air filter to remove ive ever seen. Instead of traditional 2 things to remove to get to air filter this gzx needed 13 things to remove….. Crazy design. If they made the giant air box for a 250 just 1cm thinner (which would still make it about 97% same size and sure no effect on performance ) you would be able to lift it up out of frame. I got it out on weekend. Amazed to see melted holes in it and wasnt even connected to carb i just cleaned out.
    So if i dont glue up melted holes in origional air box and i dont buy a replacement air filter that looked like a black dish sponge desintergrating? Do you have a video showing what you did to the airbox/battery holder when you put the K&N filter in?
    Do i buy KnN r-0990filter? And if i put that on that just holds itsself to the carb. How much and want parts of the battery holder/ air box do i cut off?

  6. Ok so new KnN air filter connects right to the carb with those “choke, mettal, screw……. Things”.
    The restof the air box is no longer needed, just cut it up to keep the battery mount box But what about that thicker S bent hose positioned on the engine under the right carb. This thicker hose was connected to the bottom of the air box. Now its going to be loose. Dose this thicker hose connecting to engine box above the gears need another tiny air filter or something

  7. thanks. dont forget to say that one should never take the plastic Oring out of its groove.putting it back you will have a bitch of hard time.

  8. I just picked up a Ninja 500 and it has an issue where the engine/carbs get flooded and shuts off. any suggestions in what to do? First time working on a motorcycle, but have years of experience with cars. just not carbs in general…

  9. I will try this tomorrow! Although if it does not work I will comment my info hoping you can contact me

  10. I did it and got my bike to start after I changed the oil and got rid of the old gas and put new gas …. although it has a main fuse problem now! So it doesn’t turn on

  11. Can you contact me? I have a question regarding that main fuse red connector. It seems it’s missing one of the 4 gold connectors

  12. Overall good overview, but I keep seeing videos like this one that the person used carb cleaner in a spray can. there is a few big problems doing so. 1, if the carbs are older, it can cause the rubber O rings between the carbs to fail. if you must use a spray can, separate all carbs and remove ALL rubber parts. The 2nd probably is that this spray can stuff will etch the brass parts. This can lead to the float value to stick, open or closed. Also leading to build up of junk faster in your jets. Both of these situations can lead to your bike burning up in flames. Using a good carburetor soak to clean them. At minimum, spray your parts and use a air hose and blow out the spray immediately to lessen the effects on your parts…….

  13. I followed this and was able to bring my motorcycle back to life. Thank you so much for a truly excellent video. Awesome!

  14. Don’t drill out the idle jet cap, use a punch or spring puller to take it out. It will save time and cleanliness.

  15. P.S. carb cleaner eats plastic and rubber. Take the float and float bowl gasket out so you don’t ruin them.

  16. Hey man I have an 02 ninja 250 I just got for graduation but I have to do a carb clean. Any tips for getting the carb back on the bike ? It seems like that will be the hardest part

  17. I will be following this video on when disassembling my ninja 250 very soon! Thank you very much for this step by step and explanation video. Was looking for instructions like this for few days now. Thank you again!

  18. question- I purchased a used one of these, the clear hose between the carbs was missing and the center hose from the gas tank was attached instead. basically the guy I bought it from was a moron. where do those hoses go attached, I’m no gearhead but I do know small engines, not too much motorcycles

  19. a friend of mine has a ninja 250 hes selling and he says it needs the carbs rebuilt how do u know when to rebuild and when to just clean? i work on cars so i dont know much about bikes.

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