How to change motorcycle oil, Kawasaki Vulcan

How to change motorcycle oil, Kawasaki Vulcan
The Vulcan, like many motorcycles, uses the same oil to lubricate both the engine and the transmission. I demonstrate how I cleaned the oil screen and replaced motorcycle oil and oil filter on a 1995 Kawasaki Vulcan VN800. Workflow and safety issues are discussed.

As a general principle it is probably best to run the vehicle for a few minutes before and immediately after oil is replaced. One advantage of this is that, when warm, the oil will drain more quickly and more completely, possibly flushing suspended impurities more easily. But the biggest advantage in my opinion is that if the engine is recently run, you will still have oil filling micropassages in the top of the engine, which offers some transient lubrication when the engine is next started a few minutes later. The first start after an oil change has a longer fill time before lubrication hits the top of the engine, and if oil has recently spread there then the risk may be lower. Of course the disadvantage of running the vehicle before an oil change is that you might burn yourself on oil or on hot exhaust parts. If that is a problem on your vehicle you may decide to skip that step as a safety precaution.

Some motorcycles have a fill plug that may interfere with complete oil drainage until it is removed, caused by a vacuum effect. If your bike has such a plug then it is wise to remove it before draining the oil.

On some later model Vulcans, a couple of viewers have noted that the screen goes in the opposite way. Be sure to check the OEM manual for your vehicle, to ensure the parts are assembled correctly.

This review is published in good faith, but is not meant to be an complete instructional or a comprehensive guide. I am not a professional mechanic, and a pro might have done this very differently. Be sure to follow all safety precautions, especially be sure to wear safety glasses. Any misadventure resulting from your attempt to maintain your vehicle is your responsibility.

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  1. Very thorough video, thank you! I don’t think many people pull and clean the oil screen, great to know! It is not even in my Owner’s manual for my 2009 VN900 Classic LT, but it is in the service manual I downloaded. I doubt most of these shops charging $100-$200 for an oil change do it either.

  2. if you read this, can you give me tips on my vn800 99′ doesn’t seem to want to start, it runs, just takes a lot to get it there. just cranks and cranks.

  3. what is the number of the filter. mine is so dirty i cant see and nobody knows at my local workshop.. i just bought this motorcycle and i want to make sure everything is perfect

  4. found out its a no spark situation, can you help, bought a cdi, still no spark. Just want to ride.

  5. Great video thank you . I have watched it again and again. Very clear instructions and camera work. Brilliant thank you .

  6. great video, very detailed and thorough. A much better way to check your oil level is to get a motorcycle lift. the lift will hold the bike in an upright position. Then your bike will be at a nice working height too.

  7. a 2×4 under the kickstand usually puts just about any bike in the vertical position for checking oil level. on my nomad a 2×4 with a piece of 3/4″ plywood holds the bike near perfectly vertical. the bike wont go anywhere and its pretty simple to just prop the bike up and check.

  8. these Vulcans r so easy to do oil changes….just wondering should I use Amsoil synthetic racing motorcycle oil? I ride my Vulcan year round here in the deep south lol so I want to keep my bike serviced good

  9. Put a solid “shim ” under your kickstand that brings it to level. You can use something on the opposite side to secure it so she don’t tip over.

  10. Hello … could you send a video / tutorial where you can see how the front directional lamps vulcan 800 are changed ?
    I congratulate you on your video … thanks

  11. I have ignored the oil screen filter for 15k miles. I will check that screen on the next oil change. Thanks for the video.

  12. That was a great video! I am looking to trade my Honda Phantom in for a Kawasaki Vulcan 2000. How do you like the Kawasaki?

  13. use a front or rear Jack for it to be completely leveld. better to be safe than sorry.

  14. 0:30 Make an oil deflector out of aluminum foil. It’s super easy to shape and jam into place!

  15. I have a 1600 and the manual shows the screen the opposite way round?! Can anybody help on this?

  16. Just an FYI on my last point about which way the screen filter goes i have just found a link that is the same as the manual – could it be different on the vn800

  17. Great video. It looks like somebody using Oil Jobber channel name has poached this video.

  18. I used your video to change the oil and filter in my Vulcan 500 today. There were a few differences from your video to my small bike, of course, but it was extremely helpful. Thank you!

  19. my 95 1500 has a different tank and the twin air boxes up front under the tank on both sides

  20. ever have anything on the screen? I have had my 95 1500 a year now, 2 oil/filter changes and nothing on the screen. what does it filter?

  21. Great video! would be great if you would do a valve clearance video too!!

  22. I have a 1998 vn classic 800. as I was going for a ride oil below out the left side on to my leg so I took off the crome cover just above the oil windo , I’m not to familiar with motorcycles want to take the cover off the chain sprocket look like it knocked a piece of guard off on the part right behind the sprocket where the gasket is sexy gasket and oil is coming out of there what is that part called so I can order that like I said I’m not to familiar if I can send pictures I would if anybody knows or anything about Kawasaki Vulcan classic 800 let me know and I’ll send over my email address and I’ll send pictures to them or what I’m talking about

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