How To Buy A Used Motorcycle Episode 6 Bike 4 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle Episode 6 Bike 4 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R
The process of buying a used motorcycle. Interacting with the current bike owner about purchasing the bike they have for sale. Helpful to learn questions to ask and observe the interaction between the owner and interested party. This bike is a 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R.

26 thoughts on “How To Buy A Used Motorcycle Episode 6 Bike 4 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R

  1. Hey motorcycle John I am buying my first bike either dis month or next month but real soon and I dnt kno to much about the bike and engines so what to listen out for how do I kno if I’m gettin a good price I want my first bike to be memorable please help thanks

  2. WTH, he finally backs it out the garage so you can do a proper walk around, but then like a moron he wedges it between two cars so you are still unable to walk around the dang thing!! I’m irritated just watching that! What a ding dong seller!

  3. He said he’s got a jacket & helmet for a buyer that is a new rider! For a new rider buying his litre bike?! Wtf?! This guy is lame so is his bike

  4. I just watched the rest of the vid. That guy wanted 5K for the bike? He’s dreaming.

  5. the engine seems to be good, almost perfect but when bike was down that could be so diferent for the hool body of bike… duno I don’t like the bikes whos been crashed…. I like when bike is 100% like a there is not that bike is going on side I mean not pulling u on side or something that’s hard to notice but that all makes riding unconfortable.. the engine is engine u can fix that… bud frame and that hard… but nowdays its hard to find bike who was treated nicey… neather womans aren’t treated nicely when u have sex xaxa 😀 great and wery informational video 😀 ty a lot ^_^

  6. mine low side 3 times and got hit while parking. but still runs like a mother fucker and top to 175mhp no problem. so even if any bike got dropped it doesn’t means you can’t ride it. are you gonna threw away your bike if you dropped? no right, still ride it back home. sport bike meant for high speed racing, and maintain max performance after an accident, if you didn’t hit a wall at max speed. so just bike a bike even if it dropped or low side. they are not made of matches

  7. the low faring will never fly off a 2nd Gen zx10r. why because I have one. the only way to take it off if a person take off the plastic bolt in front of the lower fairing, 2 back underneath. then you have to physically lift it at 80 degree up. other wise both lower fairing will lock with middle. it not like a cbr600rr the lower fairings just drop off.

  8. best thing is to do what i did and go to your local motorcycle mechanic/ dealer ask one of them “hey im buying a bike off CL and need a pro to look at it can you come after your shift and I’ll pay you” 99.9% of the time they will say yes, especially mines did bc i gave him 100 bucks upfront just to do it BEST WAY FOR 1ST TIME BUYERS

  9. yeah this bike got looks the way the seats looks I’m guessing a bunch of homeless dudes had an orgy on it.In Maryland we call it a soup kitchen…

  10. love your videos man, how you talk to them and how smooth you asking these questions, your videos help me out buying my own bike and what to look out for. keep it up!

  11. This guy seemed like an idiot that doesn’t know shit about bikes and never changed his oil or brake pads. Glad you walked away.

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