How to Break-In a Brand New Motorcycle? 2013 Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R 636

How to Break-In a Brand New Motorcycle? 2013 Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R 636
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40 thoughts on “How to Break-In a Brand New Motorcycle? 2013 Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R 636

  1. Mark, I hope you do a vid on why you chose the 636 over the zx10r and if you’re gonna sell both ducati’s or keep 1 of them and which 1 you’re gonna keep

  2. bcoz the new 636 is what the people want to see. people want to see videos about brand new bikes. zx10 or 636, it does not matter to me. i can ride a liter bike or a middle weight, it makes no difference to me.

  3. Nice bike! Just got myself a new 2012 R6 on October 16th. I’m at 740 miles now and just found out the 600 mile service is gonna cost me $210!!?? Anyone know if this service is anything more than an oil change?

  4. i think you should sell your ducati mark,and buy a new one, imean panigale 1199,thats your new magnet, and i believe there are more chick than before interest with

  5. depending on shop probably oil change and valve adjustment which really doesn’t need to be done for another 10k

  6. referring to da manual book…..from 0-800km…rpm at 4000….800-1600km..rpm at 6000…well i’ve done my 2000km last sunday….happy reaching 180kmph…:)

  7. That must be the simplest explanation. Hard braking in simply shortens the life of your engine, it’s like clicking “fast forward” a couple of years into owning it.

  8. Im getting a brand new ninja 300 this sunday, and its 180 miles back from the dealer, was worried about riding a brand new bike 180 miles straight off the batt on a new engine

  9. i would like to know what kind of job do u have when u can afford so many of those gr8 bikes…im working for last 5 years thats since my 15th and now im 20 and still i cannot afford a pissy chewing gum,could only afford life needed items.

  10. i just bought a 2012 ninja zx6r..first bike.. so just drive it normal and dont horse it too much..and it willbe fine?????

  11. Wrong. Of course I can only assume you made this comment because you’ve seen what pistons look like after 100,000kms on them, one with a soft break in and one with a hard break in. Because I have, as long as they are ligit, hard break in still had a silky smooth piston.

  12. I’ve never even seen a piston, but it’s just common sense. Compare two 20 years old bikes, one with a normal break in and one with a hard break in – the second will be less reliable and weaker.
    After all, these are mechanics. The more you use something, the more it tears and wears.
    This is by the way, true to any kind of product that has a break-in period, such as speakers and headphones, etc’. These products are built to last as much as possible, so it’ll take years to notice the difference.

  13. The point of a break in is to wear down the walls and piston rings so that they match perfectly, the engine will not oil property if you fail to do so

  14. hey i wanna get a zx6 or zx10 ive been told the only difference is weight looks and that the zx10 is a second or two faster in a mile race? can you help me out with that one.

  15. Umm no offense and this is in my experience…the engine does have a break in process bro red lining or going past 6,000 rps on a brand new bike will destroy the engine if you dont believe me then go take an automotive class, and learn what you really have to do with brand new engines, just sayin

  16. Actually a hard break in is the best. High revs for the first 50 miles. Do some 1/4 mile high rev shifting for 50 miles, no need to hit top end. But put it threw some hard rev shifting. CHange the oil after after 50 miles with the manufactures oild filter and oil, then bring it in for 600 mile oil change. This will allow proper ring fit, allow NO engine blow by, greater HP and longer oil life. ANy that says differant is stuck in the 1950’s

  17. Your experiance is dead wrong, any engine mechanic instructor will agree with me, if they don’t then they are stuck in the 1950’s. All newer engines from 1960 up until now (2013) need a nard break in to prevent blow by from the piston rings causing loss of HP and premature oil life along with loss of gas milage. But hey go ahead treat your engine like a granny, you’ll be blowing white smoke out of the ehaust before 100,000 miles I bet my next 10 pay checks on it. get educated don’t be stupid

  18. Don’t buy a kawi at all, they are the worst super sport bike money can buy, buy a Yamaha, suzuki or Honda but not a kawai. Motor trend, AMA and many others back those words up. It isn’t until this year that Kawi has began to catch up to the others.

  19. by now it’s to late, proper way is.. ride it hard for the first 50 miles or so, let the trasmission slow you down to build back pressure in the engine, high revs and high back pressure seat the rings properlly. After 50 or so miles change the oil and ride it normal for 500 miles, then bring it in for the 600 mile oil change.

  20. Trevor if you have the money, go with the ZX10R. If you’re still novice or even comely new at riding, the bike has different modes that regulate power. You can stay in the lowest and work your way up according to how comfortable you feel. And enjoy Kawasaki is one if not the most reliable of the Japanese sport bikes and right now the newest ZX10R (2011-2013) is killing is Japanese comp and even most of the European competition as well. So you’ll have a blast. Ride safe!

  21. Two seconds is a lot in a race. If you don’t know a lot about bikes (and it doesn’t seem like you do, no offense), I would definitely suggest the 6 over the 10.

  22. hi, I just bought one of this wonderful bikes and the motorcycle dealer advised me not to rave the bike more then 4000 rpm which is kind of boring and when I rode the bike for 600 miles I should book it in for oil change and then he advice me not to exceed the 6000 rpm till the bike has been rode for at least 1000 miles.

  23. I’m so glad we both have the same bike lol I just did my first oil change at 500 miles and all this time I kept the revs at 5000 max because I thought I would fuck something up lol

  24. Manual says keep it under 4000rpm for 600 miles,obviously the person that wrote the manual never rode a 2014 636 as they rev @4000 just doing 30/40 mph ffs,its not possible to keep it under lol

  25. My new zx6r has done 1111km and got the first oil change. But I’m still fear to race the engine. 

  26. To properly seat the valves and piston rings it takes a lots more than ‘just ride at your own pace’ please read the manufacturers hand book and obey or you will have a fuel guzzling oil burning engine in the future. The advice in this clip is ridiculous!

  27. the problem is I will be getting my brand new vmax in a couple of weeks time and all I have is city traffic roads around me. I don’t know how am I going to break it in. cuz it will be going too fast in higher gears at half the rpm range. I am considering the maximum speed limits allowed here

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