How to Adjust Valves on a Motorcycle

How to Adjust Valves on a Motorcycle
This is a how to video that shows you how to adjust valves on a motorcycle, more specifically a Kawasaki Ninja 250

12 thoughts on “How to Adjust Valves on a Motorcycle

  1. @zivotjesuv Eek! Yeah, I must admit I did have it easy. Was a good first bike to work on

  2. why did you have to remove the valve cover if your adjustment part of this video only dealt with the removal of the lower cover?

  3. I’m sorry that this is such a stupid question, but there’s no way to take your gas tank off without emptying it, right?

  4. I have a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250r.  It says in the service manual to check the shim thickness.  Is this something I have to do to check the valve clearances?  Or would all the info on the valves come straight from only the feeler gauges?

  5. Made me laugh. If anyone cant work out how to take their seat off. They shouldnt try anything mechanical.

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