How to Adjust Clutch on Motorcycle

How to Adjust Clutch on Motorcycle
How to Adjust Clutch on Motorcycle
Motorcycle adjust clutch
clutch adjusting on motorcycle
adjust motorcycle clutch
Motorcycle clutch adjustment

How to adjust clutch on motorcycle:
– above your back brake peddle there is a “bulge”. That “bulge” is your clutch. The cable above the clutch has an adjustment on it, start by loosing the top nut on the adjuster, then tightening the bottom nut.
– Keep loosening and tightening the clutch cable until you find a comfortable grip zone. if you have loosened the top nut as far as possible the rest of the adjustments will have to be done at the clutch handle.
– to adjust the clutch lever loosen the large nut to the right of the lever. Tighten the hollow clutch cable bolt until desired grip zone.

Adjust Clutch on Motorcycle

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37 thoughts on “How to Adjust Clutch on Motorcycle

  1. How to Adjust Clutch on Motorcycle I’m 15 I live in ontario Canada and I can’t wait till next year when I’m 16 and get my learner’s permit i have a yamaha seca 400 that me and my dad are working on : )

  2. i adjusted my clutch on my ninja 250 and now the actual clutch is super loose. how do i fix that?

  3. Thanks for the video I did the same to my fz07 I got the clutch right where I want it. I need to adjust the clutch adjuster.

  4. Lovely video…
    When u press the clutch full in 1st gear , the rear wheel keep on rotating … IS IT OK ??
    I m afraid, of clutch burns …

  5. Thanks for making this video man! I just got a ninja 250 and my zone was almost to the end like yours but after adjusting it like you sed it fixed it! I was so worried after buying it that it needed a new clutch

  6. 5:08 I’m glad you cleared that up. LOL, just kidding man, since I laughed when you said it, I thought I’d poke a little fun. THANKS for the video, I’m adjusting my clutch cable and this did help me a bit.

  7. I think you’ve just saved me some head scratching! Level is fully out and slips like mad in higher gears! Going to get the tools out first thing in the morning!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. this video was absolutely amazing I can’t thank you enough! MC riders with tiny hands rejoice!

  9. my clutch is a bit stiff, it’s difficult to pull my lever in, how would I go about changing that?

  10. my bike is unable to roll when in gear and the clutch is pulled in.. but I can roll it when it is in neutral. the bike is off.what is my problem? this is my first bike and I have no idea.please help.

  11. This is the best explanation of how to adjust your clutch. Super thanks for do it ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My Triumph mechanic took my cold bike out for a test drive and couldn’t get it in 1st (I told him that it was easy to put in 1st after the bike was warm). He adjusted the cable tighter. Within a few days of driving it the damn cable Broke! He had put too much stress on the cable. Don’t let your mechanic adjust your cable man. He made me get stranded 25mi from home. Also, carry an extra cable and tools for replacement so you won’t get stranded like me. This is why I like hydraulic over cable.

  13. Funny how you feel confident to give a ‘how to’ to adjust a motorcycles clutch cable but you can barley put your motorcycle on a rear stand confidently and by yourself?

  14. My clutch was slipping in high gears and I didn’t know why. I haven’t been riding for 4 months because I don’t have money to take it to a shop. I watched your video today and tried to adjust the clutch myself and it worked! Thanks to you I’m back to riding and didn’t have to spend a dime!

  15. You definitely don’t need 2 people to put the bike on a jack. I’ve been doing it myself for years with multiple bikes. Great video though!

  16. Question, I had my clutch cable replaced and it seems like I’m wasting more gas and bike rides are higher RPMs. Does that have to do anything with a clutch cable adjustment? Thx!

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