Honda CBR500r Best Beginner Motorcycle vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Honda CBR250r

Honda CBR500r Best Beginner Motorcycle vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Honda CBR250r
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2/1/14 CycleCruza discusses the possibility that the Honda CBR500rr could be the perfect beginner bike compared to the Honda CBR250r and Kawasaki Ninja 300.

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17 thoughts on “Honda CBR500r Best Beginner Motorcycle vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Honda CBR250r

  1. I’m so conflicted in watching your content. you have amazing content and good ideas. I just can’t stand how you orgasm when you name your bike. that is all

  2. CBR500R is a great bike for years after you leave your learner status behind. The performance is fine. Why go silly speeds and lose your licence/life? I have a CBR500R here in England and it’s great!

  3. My first bike was a 1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor. 68hp at 11500 revs. Love it

  4. I’m stuck deciding on R3, KTM RC390, and Honda 500 I’m also a beginner rider just got my license today

  5. sure wish I started with a 500r. 🙁 I’m stuck with the 250 till next season. then I’m gonna get the 600rr. 🙂

  6. my first bike was the cbr500r,….and I still have it….3 years…..great bike…..getting ready to get 1000rr

  7. thank s cruza I just went a purchase the bike today first time rider thanks 4 your info very clear and helpful . I keep u posted on my progress thank u SR from Denver co

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  9. hahaha, Cycle Cruza you da maign, I watch all your videos. I love seeing this video cuz it’s back in the day! You say in the vid “I would never want a litre bike” and look at you now, all grows up with that bad ass 1000 DOUBLE R BABY, Wooooo!!!! I’m about to buy a 2017 CBR500R – I’ve been riding dirt bikes my whole life and have an XR400R dual sport but this will be my first “street Bike” I can’t wait. We love you man, you are the best damn moto vlogger out here period, I laugh every time you get some “slide action baby” out there doin some urban fuckery.

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