History of Kawasaki Motorcycles

History of Kawasaki Motorcycles
In this video we go over the history of Kawasaki motorcycles. Kawasaki is the last major manufacturer to come out of Japan along with Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. We start from the early days when Kawasaki took over Meguro motorcycles, thereby buying its way into motorcycle market of Japan. Among many models produced by Kawasaki the most popular are Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, ZX10R, KLX dirt bikes, ZX14 and such bikes as Kawasaki Vulcan and Kawasaki Contour. The extensive fan base extends throughout the globe, making it one of the most favourite motorcycle brands in the world.

Please note that this is a short and quick overview of the history of Kawasaki motorcycles, therefore, many other models that you, the viewer, might consider relevant and important are unfortunately omitted for the sake of brevity of this YouTube video.
Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: In this video you will see motorcycles that were chosen by Motonetwork Channel based on subjective opinion. This video does not include all the models produced by Kawasaki company.

P.S. I apologize for not uploading anything for the past few months. Hopefully, I’ll pick up the pace within the next few weeks.

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39 thoughts on “History of Kawasaki Motorcycles

  1. you should do history of triumph bikes or KTM bikes or BMW or maybe Indian motorbikes. and I suscribed. can’t wait to see new vids

  2. My preferences for bikes are Kawasaki for dirt bikes, Suzuki for sport bikes, and Honda for highway cruisers. I haven’t had the opportunity to drive any other makers yet though to compare.

  3. As soon as that Triple came across the screen I broke out into a spontaneous smile. I must have put a million miles on mine before selling it back to Japan. Triples were straight-up ‘thrill rides’. I imagine rare now due to crashing and short lifespans of the bikes. But oh wow that brought back so many happy memories thank you!

  4. I bought a 2016 KLR 650 matrix camo brand new,, I heard they were bullet proof, I was going up a steep incline and the clutch plates fractured blowing out he oil up a 90% of the summit, luckily I was able to reverse and roll back down 4200 ft. I was pissed, the dealer said the clutch plates were probably manufacturing defect, so don’t count on your klr if you are in extremis.

  5. Holy snapping duck shit, Batman! You COMPLETELY skipped the ZXR 750 range. Y’know? That bike that made all those waves in the World Supers, and Endurance events, back in the late 80’s to early 90’s?????? They were a HUGE part of Kawasaki’s success…..

  6. no menciona la kawasaki KMX 125R y KMX 200 cc ni la KDX 250 ni la Víctor m 150

  7. I like the history and the storytelling in your video, but I felt so depressed because of your voice. Just hear you say “hey” in the beginning of the video make me so uninterested to watch the video.

  8. still a lot of models did not put into the videos i.e. Z models, ER6 models, Versys models, Super Kips, Zhyper 750 and many more with smaller capacity.

  9. next one “the History of BMW” 😀 ?! they started as an aircraft company 😀

  10. Not one mention of the zxr range our the zx7r which was a super bike winner ??? Our the zx4

  11. Nice Video, However you missed a few of the Best Kawasaki’s ever made Like the 1985-1990 Kawasaki 454 aka EN450, They were a big deal, Beating Big block Corvette’s, Great midsize bike even today, 32 years later.

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