High Speed Running GoPro Camera

High Speed Running GoPro Camera

One of the best high speed videos on youtube. Riding on a Kawasaki ZX10R 2011 with ABS. What makes that video great is not the riding cababilities but the sound and picture. Enjoy and before leaving any negative comments, because I know you will be tempted, read the whole description and be understanding.

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Update : 2017. Guys I know about the bad shifting and throttle control. This video has been posted some years ago and by now I’ve learned to do it the “Pro” way. Btw, my bike still has a clutch, no mechanical problems and performs like new 🙂 …Watch my newest videos also. Thanks for all the advices.
Ninja ZX10R 11 , GSXR 1000 , Honda CBR 1000RR
I didn’t want to overtake the other drivers, I was just testing the potential of the ZX10R and I must say this beast is difficult to beat. Everything is factory except the slip-on.

12 thoughts on “High Speed Running GoPro Camera

  1. Men, your bike had quick shifter to gear up, but ,this bike is a monter kkkk fast a lot

  2. Your shifting and downshifting is ridiculous. Use front brake to brake not down shifting. I pity your clutch and engine. Sorry for truth

  3. When you raise the gears, release the accelerator but do not press the clutch, that is a quick change, and when going in a curve do not use the front brake and not downshift because you will end up on the ground.

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