High Speed Motorcycle Road Racing

High Speed Motorcycle Road Racing
High Speed Motorcycle Road Racing

This is a high speed motorcycle video in public roads. I am racing with my kawasaki ninja zx10r 2011 vs another kawasaki ninja and a honda repsol. For some people its high speed for others is not, who cares, what matters is to enjoy riding your bike and burn that extra energy you have. Riding at such speeds on public roads is absolutely dangerous, even if you are the best driver in the world you can’t always avoid the unexpected. If you feel like you want to ride it hard, make sure you are full on gears with a well maintained motorcycle and good condition tires. You are not able to fully appreciate your motorcycle unless you are wearing gear.

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Bike : ZX10R 2011 ABS
Recorded with : GoPro Hero 4 Black
Running on : Bridgestone RS10R
Suspension : K-Tech 20DDS (Front) / 35DDS Pro (Rear)

19 thoughts on “High Speed Motorcycle Road Racing

  1. Lol this shit is crazy. Dont know if i would have it in me going that fast on a public road though because a soccer mom would pull out in front of me lol

  2. Forget about gaining subs and increasing your stats, just ignore those pressures and do what you enjoy. There’s this preconcept that a successful channel is weighed by the number of thumbs or subs. Some people just don’t press buttons. I like your video so I commented. Nice video! But i’m not subscribing.

  3. Πως βρεθηκ ο Ψαλτης εδω μεσα? Hey man do you realize what your intro sound fx is?

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