Grow Your Restoration Company With Air Duct Cleaning Services

Expand and many restoration contractors are seeking means to grow their company. It’s wise to consider a service that’s great long term possibility, a service that compliments existing services, a service that is easy to enter and a service that offers good profitability. Air duct cleaning is only this kind of service.

Demand and the issue for better energy efficiency and great indoor air quality will likely never go away, so the marketplace for air duct cleaning should not remain weak for quite a while. Plus, many fire and mold contaminated restoration jobs want the heat, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system cleaned and coated. Duct cleaning/coating is an effective way to enlarge a restoration company and get advantages like:

  • Substantial add-on sales with present customers.
  • Skill to bring new customers.
  • During challenging economic conditions more diversification can help.
  • Removing quality and scheduling control problems occasionally related to using a subcontractor.
  • Simple integration with your existing company systems (estimating, advertising, bookkeeping, etc.).

You will find many questions restoration contractors have regarding this service. A few of these are:

What’s air duct cleaning?

Air ducts are over cleaning. A more proper term to use would be “HVAC system cleaning.” The HVAC system contains everything in the air stream. The aim would be to remove all the collected filth, debris and other contaminates found in the system. That is called source removal. A basic list of cleaning jobs for residential air duct cleaning comprise:

  • Visual inspection after and before cleaning.
  • Remove, clean and replace and return air grilles.
  • Install entrance openings as needed and reseal after cleaning.
  • If desired coat the duct work.

What gear will become necessary?

In common terms an average gear bundle to inspect, clean and decontaminate a HVAC systems comprise:

  • Hoover group system to set the duct work.
  • Cleaning and agitation tools like electricity brushing systems, atmosphere washing/ systems that are flogging.
  • Air compressor.
  • Duct getting service panels and tools.
  • Visual inspection digital camera or system.
  • Fogger and sanitizer cleaner, etc.
  • Gear for applying coatings like a commercial airless sprayer and handcart or robotic spray systems.
  • Personal safety gear
  • Plus, trailer or a truck to haul the gear.

What does it cost to include air duct cleaning services?

The price to include air duct cleaning services will be dependent on the kind of services you need to offer (residential or commercial or both), the kind of gear you choose and the amount of cleaning and what services you need to offer. For residential, a fundamental gear package will cost from $6,000.00 to $7,500.00. Also, for coating duct work you’d want an airless sprayer and an aerosol handcart or robotic system. Gear providers can usually supply you with several choices to select from that will meet your needs and budget.