GoPro Motorcycle Gyro Video Moto GP Style

GoPro Motorcycle Gyro Video Moto GP Style
Gyroscope video with Gopro hero 4 black and a gyro mount By MotoGyroVision . Suzuki GSX-R 1000 2009 VS Kawasaki Zx10r 2011 Vs Bmw S1000rr 2010 Ravens Motorsport Group
Enjoying Sundays Ride.
гироскоп мотоцикл

22 thoughts on “GoPro Motorcycle Gyro Video Moto GP Style

  1. Brother, can you please share a pic of the gopro in your bike as per this video so as to give the exact location of where the camera is mounted.

  2. hi Bro!. do you mind making a video about how you did this footage?. looks great!

  3. What’s the name of this camera? I want to buy one and record my rides. What all will I need to buy to get it ride ready?

  4. Just checking if you are still alive, and to say thanks so much – I learned a lot from your skills.

  5. Hello, could you suggest me the best export frame rate/bitrate etc etc?

  6. i bet these guys cant geow hair on theyre ball, cause hair dont grow on steel

  7. If I was Deadpool, I would do this all day. But I’m normal and fragile so I’m just gonna stay home and watch you do it.

  8. At 1:28. Do’t you afraid a sportcar/sportbike could coming from the opposite direction with the same speed like you? As I see in that part of the turning road You could realize anything a little bit late. Am I wrong? Take care of you man!

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