GO PRO HD – Riding a Motorcycle on the canyons – Kawasaki ER6N

GO PRO HD – Riding a Motorcycle on the canyons – Kawasaki ER6N
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28 thoughts on “GO PRO HD – Riding a Motorcycle on the canyons – Kawasaki ER6N

  1. @kepyas5 — kaasar lang minsan yung wide angles lens. tignan mo, parang ang layo mo sakin. pero magkasunod lang tayo diyan na malapit.

  2. How do you like this bike I was thinking of getting it one for my wife. I read alot of good reviews about it.
    I’m jealous of you guys you have great roads there~~!

  3. @todddhel — Man, 2009 Motorcycle of the year. You can’t go wrong with this bike. My wife and I enjoy riding on this bike than riding on our R1.

  4. 720p, downscaled, or encoded in 480 p , still not bad at all , wich video editor did you used?

  5. @roninsoul — yep shot in 720p compressed to 480p. Windows movie maker

  6. @rheaMDC21 im surprised , in my pc , movie maker completely destroys the quality , looks more like 360p in mine , thats why i use avs

  7. Man I really like the video quality! where is camera mount located on the gas tank? What kind of camera are you using? I plan on video taping my rides here pretty soon just trying to find a nice camera.

  8. @todddhel — yep on the gas tank. I use several brand of cameras. Mostly i use SONY HD1080p camcorder. But i onlu use 720p when i shoot in HD for PC memory reason.

  9. great video, nice roads! just picked one up myself early in april, unfortunately hit some gravel and dumped it, should have it back in a few weeks, cant wait to ride!

  10. nice video man…the bike sounds great too…i get my license riding this bike…hehehehehe but of course feel different cos just go around the training ground, compare riding it on the road with nice long road and nice curve…hehehehehe

  11. Nice bike, I have an 09 Ninja 650r and love it too. When come to tire change, buy Michelin Pilot Road 3, will see HUGE improvement over the stock tires. Ride safe!

  12. good thing that Lambo wasnt doing like 160mph around that corner πŸ˜› else this would have been a short video =)

  13. Hi!! great videos Mark and always kind to reply to everyone.
    SO I HAVE QUESTION:) I’m about to by a bike…like this one… I’m not very experienced but I’ve ride a hurricane of a friend a few times, I’m very carefull with bikes.
    SO, would you put this bike in the same skill level kind of fun etc, with a ducati monster 2005 M1000s or a 620 monster? they are naked bikes also but I donΒ΄t know ….

  14. I like your ER6N. I have on 07 ER6F. I can’t stand the fairing buzz on my bike. How does your ER6N compare to the ER6F? I guess the only way my bike would be better than yours is at highway speeds with the fairing?

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