Girls & Motorcycles: The Green Kawasaki NINJA & The Pretty Woman (Modelling Video)

Girls & Motorcycles: The Green Kawasaki NINJA & The Pretty Woman (Modelling Video)
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23 thoughts on “Girls & Motorcycles: The Green Kawasaki NINJA & The Pretty Woman (Modelling Video)

  1. You’re probably one of those dudes who’s into plastic porn stars… this girl is gorgeous.

  2. Hi, love your vids man, I have an 08 blue zx6r totally stock. Are there any relatively cheap upgrades that you think should be made to this model to give it some extra punch lower down the rpm, maybe sprockets, I’m not sure really. I like the Akra slip-on and DB Puig, thinking about getting a ZG Corsa screen as I’m 6’4 tall, would the ZG Corsa look too big or will it look pretty cool. Look forward to you reply. Ben

  3. Someone please tell me the point of this. Putting an average looking girl on an old ninja against an ugly chain link fence backdrop cannot have 200k views

  4. good going mark  those are some really good videos you make  keep the good work  thanks jamie tulsa oklahoma

  5. Molto bella la modella! Sembra una classica bellezza italiana. Se non sapessi che state in America direi che è una bellissima donna meridionale italiana. Poi ha una bellissima pelle senza  percing e tatuaggi (che detesto)….BELLISSIMA E MOLTO SEXY.Se capiti in italia con lei ti faccio fare un bellissimo servizio fotografico con la mia stupenda KAWASAKI ZXR 750 STINGER .  Ciao Massimo

  6. A bit on the creepy side. EXAMPLE: @ 1:47 looks like she is bit uncomfortable, maybe a little constipated, and ya know she is needing to “go”.

    @ 1:48 she decides she really needs to “go”.

    @ 1:50 she has moved into final position, commencing all out pushing, with her all out toilet face.

    Maybe it’s me that’s creepier, but those few seconds kinda took me back a little. The rest looked great ! A bit to skinny for my taste as I dig the curvy girls, but not to bad 🙂 lol

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