First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250

First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250
First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250
Rides Kawasaki Ninja 250 on the road for the first time.
First time riding on roads
Does pretty good riding for the first time on a motorcycle.
Gives some sound advise at the end of the ride.

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29 thoughts on “First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250

  1. y was he  talking about people using an indicator i thought those thing were extinct long ago ( saying People Dont Use It)

  2. i just got my motorcycle do i need to shift down to 1 or 2nd gear if im not going to stop? it’s ninja 250r and im able to slow down my bike just by letting off gas and staying on 4th gear for turn and accelerate back up with out down shifting is that good or bad?

    i also feel like im going way faster then i’m. is that normal when you first start riding? i usually drive my car 40 mph around my house (and it feels normal on 25 speed limit) but on my bike im riding at 20 – 25 mph and it feels like im going 50.  it could also have to do with my exhaust being way to loud.

  3. I bought A 500 GS after learning how to ride only two hours you can natural since I knew how to drive standard transmission already I think I would have regret it if I would have started off with a 250

  4. Riders with dirt bike experience tend to pick up street riding more quickly than riders with no prior experience at all. I began on a 80cc dirt bike when I was 11 or 12, and the transition from dirt to pavement wasn’t too difficult… Until I dragged my foot in a quick turn (dirt bike style) and twisted my ankle pretty good. That pain unlearned my bad dirt bike habits real quick! Good stuff, well done!

  5. This gonna be my flirts real bike? Good choice and I can’t get a higher cc bike, I have to wait till I’m 19 to get a 250

  6. I’m looking to buy this as my first bike, but me being 6′ 3 would this be an issue at all or does height not play a huge role in a bike?

  7. after this, maybe u can teach him how to lift motorcycle if the bike fall down. and how to turn the bike 360′ on side stand on parking lot. sometime it’s useful. just my opinion.

  8. Thanks for posting this. I’m 29 from the UK looking to start riding (have been looking at Ninja’s 250/300) so it’s really useful these beginner tips and seeing a real like newbie riding around and being told the real life stuff you come across, over videos just tell you how to pull away and stop, so those tips where really useful! I was concerned that being 29 might be too old to pick up a bike and learn but it seems to be simpler than I thought by watching a few videos, I guess it’s just getting to terms with learning how to use both hands/feet and one time.

  9. So i’m 16 years old now, and when i turn 17/18 i really want to start learning to ride a motorcycle. But is it better to first learn to drive a car of is it also fine to start with a motorcycle straight away ?

  10. GREAT JOB on that first ride…Your stops were great, You stop with plenty of room, looked more then once…smooth on throttle…shifting comes with time…I still double tap into first gear (do one extra down shift when I think I am in first gear)..lane choice is another hard thing to focus on when new. On bigger bikes I found that when turning from a stop, I never have bike turned in the direction i am turning when stopped. Always straight until I turn. Made it easier to balance and gives me full head turn both directions. thanks for the video

  11. headshot justin..I agree with Tim..get a five speed manual..Once good at shifting up,shifting down,down shifting…then climb on a bike

  12. I took the MSF course and the hardest thing that I found was the friction zone. I must have stalled a billion times. Also I found myself looking down a lot. I’m ready for a bike but I need some more practice. Ninja 300 it is!

  13. Great teacher. Im trying to get a nice bike a 250 just gonna need help learning how to ride. Shifting and this clutch is gonna be confusing but im a quick learner.

  14. ok so i use to drive a mini chopper aroud gas power 4speed do you think ill have some luck on this size bike i mean ive riden dirt bikes and four wheelers iim wantig to get on a motorcycle by begging of next year

  15. Motor cyclist happy that the roads were cleared by … rain. -.- lol

    Frankly, I think he did very well. Right up to the point where he says he wants to ride a more-powerful bike. Seriously? Dude, you can barely handle the car-park. You’re not ready for a powerful bike until you’re seriously bored of this one – boredom indicates comfort, and, hopefully, competence.

  16. great job teaching him. My older brother taught me how to ride. I just got my first bike. Same one u have/had!. 2009 Kawasaki ninja 250 black on black. Carbs problems right now. Any suggestions?

  17. misleading… wasn’t the first time riding… first time riding means u don’t know anything about a bike and never been on a bike… good good with click bait!!

  18. I want the ninja…
    Does anyone know how to get a motorcycle driver’s licence?

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