First Time Riding a Motorcycle How to – Ninja 250

First Time Riding a Motorcycle How to – Ninja 250
How to First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250
How to Ride a Motorcycle For The First Time – Ninja 250
How To For New Riders, Tips & Tricks – Ninja 250
Kawasaki Ninja 250 How to Ride a Motorcycle, Tips and Tricks.
New Riders how to ride ninja 250.

3 aspects of riding Ninja 250 or any motorcycle is:
Shifting gears, balance, and road rules.

Wear protective equipment when riding the Ninja 250

Never slam on the Ninja 250 breaks in a corner or on sand or gravel. Never chop the throttle on the Ninja 250 in a corner or on sand or on gravel.

If the kick stand is down the Ninja 250 will die going if put in gear.
If the kick stand is up and in first the Ninja 250 will die if the kick stand is put down.

Let the Ninja 250 fall if it is going to fall. Trying to save the Ninja 250 if it is going to fall will only make things worse.

Look into where you are turning on your Ninja 250. If you are looking around the corner while you are turn shoulders will do all the work.

Before you get riding your Ninja 250 get your clutch figured out and get to know your first gear on the Ninja 250.

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26 thoughts on “First Time Riding a Motorcycle How to – Ninja 250

  1. My whole driveway is just tons of gravel my dad rides his bike through it but im worried imm drop it there lol

  2. what in your opinion would be a nice third bike after riding a ninja 250 2 years?, i love sport bikes touch and look but cant decide one of them

  3. For a first time rider you guys are giving great advice. Most sites don’t tell you how to take a fall. Thanks.

  4. Great advise, its like listening to a professional instructor. Thanks man.

  5. good video .  I wish I had enough to get one of those ninja’s  . in the 80’s I had a honda cb200 and I drove it like a 10 speed not going faster than 30mph  haha ..  it was fun  .

  6. You don’t need to put the bike into neutral to start it just hold in the clutch

  7. PwnsJones. Can you please do a video about emergency riding procedures. I love how your videos are concise and to the point. I don’t have to watch a 30 minute vlog with someone yapping on and on about stuff with your videos. I’m trying to find good methods before I start riding on how to emergency brake in a straight line and how in a turn. Maybe if you could, also go over emergency plans/stops with a passenger. I know you touched on that when you have your girl a ride. Just maybe hoping you can do all this in one video. Thank you.

  8. front to back brake usage should be 70% front /30% back or at least thats what the Louisiana endorsement test says.

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