Fastest 650 Ever

Fastest 650 Ever
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10 thoughts on “Fastest 650 Ever

  1. my old 78 gs 750 with leaky carbs would kick most stock harleys easy…with an 80lbs dog on the back to boot….

  2. I used to run a Hyosung GV650. I traded it towards a Kawasaki Vulcan S …instant regret. The Hyosung was a lot faster than the Vulcan S… a LOT.  I just don’t have a Hyosung dealer within 500 miles of my home and can’t base my riding season on ebay parts when needed. All in all, the Vulcan S is an ok scooter to play on – for now.

  3. I really like the styling of current day ‘sporty’ cruisers. And it seems that it packs a punch too. Sadly, I won’t be able to afford one :/

  4. I was so close to buying 1 of them before my er6n 2015. Especially having 29 in unseen. (30 when I’m talking to girls). But they don’t seem to come up on the used market here in the UK. At a good price anyway. So they must hold their value too.

  5. Saw a Vulcan S in that incredible metallic orange color in person. Gorgeous. Fell in love. Now that I’ve sold my EX650, and I’m in the market for one, I have yet to see another one in that color for a reasonable price/distance from me.

    Cracks me up that probably the fastest Vulcan is also the smallest both overall and engine size.

  6. Kawasaki make great bikes, same engine as the versys, ninja and ER6N, great little engine, more than enough power for non fairing bikes. Harley is fucked

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