Epic Motorcycle Battle – Honda vs. Kawasaki at 2009 SCORE Baja 1000!

Epic Motorcycle Battle – Honda vs. Kawasaki at 2009 SCORE Baja 1000!
Honda and Kawasaki battled it out in one of the closest finishes in Baja history. For more info check out www.thebajaunlimited.com

21 thoughts on “Epic Motorcycle Battle – Honda vs. Kawasaki at 2009 SCORE Baja 1000!

  1. You can truly R.I.P. Bruce…. HONDA is “STILL” the best in the desert or should i say business. quads , bikes, cars , generators , lawnmowers , etc. There is an ora with honda the same as there is when your in baja. Its gods act campbell and crew are just actors in it. How you gonna beat god son. Kawie you spent the money & hired some of the best but bad luck will always strike you. its not your destiny. you should do like can-am / bombardier did, leave baja to honda. signed__a very smart man

  2. great job for both teams!.. this is what baja has been missing for a few years..

    I’m really pumped to see the teams finish so close.

    I hope they continue this next year

  3. If you look at 2:13 in the video, the guy in the Blue Suit on a dirtbike is me…. Robby Bell was ahead there, they made it seems like Kendall was ahead. And Robby was ahead by like 7 minutes or something like that….

  4. for your information honda been winning for a decade with the guys kawie papered up to ride for them. Like i said they will never ever EVER beat them.. perhaps a one on one friendly wager payable by paypal on the 250 or the 500???

  5. yea i listen to paul harvey too. Theres always the rest of the story.. And as far as going to la paz i’d even bet on that. There is no way in hell sal is gonna run the “real” 1000 while the world / U.S. is in declining financial ruins. If he does such a thing he will price out the little guy and the 1000 will be a ghost town in 2010. That would be as dumb as kawasaki thinking there gonna beat honda. Hamel is gone god rest his soul , rossler is retired and the kx500 is discontinued.. game over..

  6. My point is MAYBE they aren’
    t done…maybe that is just a teaser for the real deal. Didn’t realize it wa that hard to comprehend. You sound like a chick scorned.


  8. nop Mr Bruce O is hanging out with God and if you see Kendall before the start he was pointing at him!!

  9. @Mobalized ya well that guy who stalled won!!!go team red. remember any baja race is about time. and time doesnt cheat

  10. Don’t get how Honda stalls, and comes in 2nd and they still say they won???????
    Yeah right!

  11. It’s a timed event dumb ass, 30 seconds delay isn’t that big of a deal in a 1000 mile race… R.I.P. Connor penhall #81

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