Don’t Buy A 300cc Motorcycle | 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 300 First Ride

Don’t Buy A 300cc Motorcycle | 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 300 First Ride
Ok so i know the hate is coming after this video but hear me out all im saying is bike a bike that you are going to grow into and not one that you will out grow in a week. now keep in mind most supersports have power modes so you can ride in a lower mode until you get use to it and then bump it into full power. also who wants to buy two bikes in one season ? but if you do go the route of getting a 300 as a “Starter Bike ” i would buy a used one.

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  1. no one learns riding a bike by spoon feeding. it takes some courage and some years of practice to learn. if you are advising for a person who is a learner, the person should go for a low bhp bikes figure should be within 20bhp only then the person can gradually move on to bigger bikes. come on no body needs a gear indicator. do you really think we can spare that moment to check on which gear we are for an emergency. that will be a bad thing to teach a new learner. any way that was all my thought…..

  2. I made this mistake with this exact bike being my first.. only been riding since July since it’s winter here in Chicago I already want to get rid of it because it’s boring, but I since I am financing it I think I’ll keep it, pay it off and sell it to one of my brothers who want to learn how to ride as well and once that’s all done I’ll get myself something bigger

  3. Hey haha controversial topic here.. I personally think getting a used 300cc bike as a starter makes more sense since they sell for so low.. For those who want it. But in the end I leave everyone to make their own choices. Subbed bro.. Ride safe.

  4. been on the 300 for almost 2 years ( aussie license bs) I have blown past s1000rr’s at the track. Learn as much as you can on a 300, and only when you can ride the wheels off it, upgrade. Im just about backing it into corners and only now am i thinking about a 600 track bike. No one wants to be that guy who can only go fast in a straight line, or bins his 30k bike in the twisties target fixating on something easy.

  5. Haha. I was riding with this dude who was on a cbr600 and I was taking corners faster than he was. Any squid can go fast in a straight line, but they corner like pansies and can’t keep up with me on my little 300.  I still can’t push this 300 to its limits so the whole “buy a bike you can grow into” is nonsense. People just feel like the big kahuna cuz they have a 600 or 1000 and are really good at going straight fast and popping wheelies. (I have had a 250R, ZX6R and now on a 300)

  6. Having a 300 for a year now, outgrow it in a week? HELL NO i’m getting close to its limits right now, but still i’ve not outgrown it!
    Look up MURTANIO here on youtube, he started out on a 300, learned to kneedrag and rode it for 2 years before he upgraded to an R6. when you get to that level on a 300 then its the time to upgrade, more power won’t make you a better rider..
    everything about the 300 is great but it doensn’t show at first.

    – ABS = fucking awsome
    – slipper clutch = saved me a lot in the first months
    – tank = 17L!!! thats 400km’s a tank! (250 miles)
    – fuel usage = it sips fuel like a girl who bought herself a cocktail for 10$ but only has 15$ for the night.
    – Tires = stock is shit but good enough to get a feeling for the bike in the first month’s but for heavy cornering CHANGE THEM!
    – New tires = 140EUR for a SET!! (220$ on revzilla) of bridgestone Battle-axe S20 EVO (the best small sport bike tire’s reviewed and tested by MC garage)
    – taxes = CHEAP AS FUCK! i pay 110eur a year!
    – insurance = 200 eur a year (not full option, just regular) CHEAP!
    – its so cheap it doesn’t bother me if i crash! i took off the OEM fairings 400 eur on ebay for a whole chinese set and i’m covered!
    – Lane splitting = its small you can get in between everything! (legal where i live)

    Now the most important question, is it underpowered?!
    Depends on where you live, if you live in an area with long straight roads and highways take an fz-07. its decent on the highway but you are as fast as the average car. but its not unsafely slow. 100mph is reached with ease.

    if you live in an area with bendy roads or you ride on city streets then you can be perfectly happy with a 300 and save your ass a ton of money with your first bike!

    And for group rides, they will pull away from you a bit in the straights, but i havent found anyone at my skill level who did it in a corner. And wanting to be the fastest of the group is just a childish mentality. you ride to improve, learn and have fun! i ride with a 29hp bike with friends with an 68hp fz07 (yes still small for most guys here with there supersports and all that…) they’ll pull up faster, but i can brake later, shift my weight faster and after every straight, at the next corner i’m just right behind them again.

    conclusion: Its a great bike and i have to this day never had the feeling that i bought something too small, i will upgrade when i reached the limit of the bike, but my skills have come at a slower/safer speed with handy extra’s on the bike to help me. and i will be ready to get on a 600 or 1000 and after some quick adjusting be even faster!

    NOTE: this is only for those who have NEVER ridden before. if you have had some road experience with smaller bikes 50cc-125cc on the road, then you can look at 650cc bikes and such.

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