Diesel Motorcycle 1978 Kawasaki KZ400

Diesel Motorcycle 1978 Kawasaki KZ400
A wrecked bike we bought for parts and decided to re-engine with a Chinese Yanmar knock off. Single speed with a Noram centrifugal clutch.

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  1. @Scootertuner1000 70mph for a Bike with a 6.5 hp engine is not bad. Torq a verter, eh? heard those were good.

    What make of engine are you running and in what kind of bike?

  2. @jackpontiac52 The TAV 2 gives you overdrive when fully engaged. I had a 12 tooth front sprocket and a 47 rear sprocket. The TAV was the model for 40 and 41 chains. I used a 420 chain (which is twice as strong as the 40/41 chains and much narrower than the 40 chain. Fits great. 70mph is after a long run up, about 1 mile down a very slight hill. On flat ground the top speed was more like 65mph. I was very pleased with the results. Just sold it. Am going to build a street tracker now.

  3. @Scootertuner1000 Just out of curiousity , what is your MPG? They make a Royal Enfield in India with a Diesel Option. It gets over 100mpg, cruising.

  4. @jackpontiac52 About 90 or 100mpg I think. I never actually measured it, but refills were few and far between.

  5. @jackpontiac52 Oh the bike was an old Honda CB500T and the engine was a Chinese Yanmar clone

  6. @jackpontiac52 Actually scratch that, that is what I was going to use, I actually used an old Jawa bike with a Yanmar clone

  7. why I think youre right but I still think the ratios suck it could have been much faster

  8. Its a bad ass, oil burning, full size…..minibike lol. The bike is awesome, but the centrifugal clutch sounds reminded me of a taco bike i built when i was younger with a tweaked briggs in it. IF that clutch ever gives you a hard time, check out some go kart (high performance track carts) centrifugal clutches, they have friction plates like a clutch instead of shoes in a bell housing.

  9. athose bikes sound and look Hideous and smoke like my H2750 Tripple , but my tripple looks sounds and rides great , im sorry i didnt mean to hurt your feelings 🙁 🙂

  10. Like to see how to do this with a variable torque converter belt drive.

  11. am looking for a downer bike to start my project I like to idea of very high mpg and the reliability of a diesel. great video  

  12. Have you ever pulled into the fuel island at a truck stop and filled up? That would be the first thing I would do.

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