Debaffling Vulcan 900 motorcycle

Debaffling Vulcan 900 motorcycle
How to debaffle Vulcan 900 motorcycle. Watch entire video before proceeding. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll respond as soon as I can!

11 thoughts on “Debaffling Vulcan 900 motorcycle

  1. i think this is the best debaffle video, im going to do mine this weekend vulcan 900 a good bike thanks

  2. I would like to say thanks for the video, this is the best and easiest to follow along to….Great job and thank you again.

  3. i have to say that I see a lot of big mans trying to do this same video, but no one of them gets your practicality, grace, and good sense, lady you ROCK!!! thanks for the video

  4. Great video but this is not debaffling. This is drilling baffles. Your baffles are still mostly intact and in the pipes. Debaffling involves removing the baffles that you drilled the holes into.

  5. Good tips on the process. Question: What size drill bit did you use for the 8 holes?

  6. Não acredito no que você fez…estragou a moto com este barulho feio.

  7. I would make the holes you drilled twice as big as the ones you drilled to make it even louder and then spray the inside of the muffler with some high temperature black paint so the inside of the muffler is not so noticeable.

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