CHP Police Motorcycle Touring in Japan(kawasaki & BMW)

CHP Police Motorcycle Touring in Japan(kawasaki & BMW)
Kawasaki KZ1000police, BMW R1100RTP&R1150RTP
Bay side touring !

15 thoughts on “CHP Police Motorcycle Touring in Japan(kawasaki & BMW)

  1. @hankgs correct me if i’m wrong, but i think those guys own the bikes and uniforms and ride as a club.

  2. @7nordic LOL you’re kidding right??? BMW doesn’t know styling?!?!? I’m an old Kawi fan, having owned a KZ1000, two GPz 550s, a Ninja 600, 900, and 1000r and still would be the BMW R1150RT-P over those.

  3. Amazing! haha
    but… it is permitted to wear and drive a CHP motorcycle in other country?

  4. I own one of the only 1978 KZ1000 C-1A’s in the country that has less than 20,000 miles. Was my wheel when I was a cop, donated for 20 years, came home last year, 16,000 miles, a little clean up and now looks like new.
    1 rider, Eric Estrada, signed the owners manual.. Too cool.
    Now, ready to be ridden again, fully dressed.

  5. I’ve hear of “The long arm of the law” before but damn!! CHP all the way over in Japan!! 🙂

  6. I’ll bet it confuses the heck out of drivers over there to see a bunch of patrol motors with CHP stars on the side.

    Where do you get your equipment?

    Seeing this makes me want to get my KZPs back on the road (or finally sell them).

    I’m riding a BMW R1200RTP now, and like the BMW a lot (we call them Messerschmitts) but there’s just something classic about that Kawasaki Police Special.

  7. for those curious, in places like Germany, japan, china, Europe it’s legal to own American police vehicles. if you notice you won’t mistaken a police officer and police car in those countries as they stick out from a American based hobbyist collector in those countries. pretty cool Manu invest time and money into collecting, and going to shows over there with these.

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