Charging a Motorcycle Battery

Charging a Motorcycle Battery
I recorded my experience charging my motorcycle’s dead battery. This was the first time I’ve ever done this on a bike, so maybe my challenges were just RTFM problems.

Bike is Kawasaki Vulcan 500.
Charger is a Duraboost 750 purchased from Cycle Gear

21 thoughts on “Charging a Motorcycle Battery

  1. Thanks for posting this great video!  I’ve never had to charge up a battery on a bike before either.  Sure enough, I let it sit for a bit too long this winter and she’s dead.  Followed your lead and brought it back to life!  🙂  Owe ya one, bro!  

  2. By the looks of it you were using a “Maintenance charger” and they’re not really made to charge batteries especially dead flat. This charger(the “Maintenance” type, IF that’s what you had) can be left connected permanently as it will just keep  the battery topped up at full charge without causing damage. Buy yourself a good battery charger and you can extend the life of the car and bike battery by using it every month or 2 especially if not driven/ridden very much, and it’s a lot quicker to charge too. You could’ve checked the acid level while it was out of the bike. Please read the user manual first as it can save a lot of time and sometimes money. Safe riding.

  3. Sears DieHard 71239 Platinum 6v/12v Battery charger/Maintainer is a great unit to charge or float/maintain and super simple to use. 3 amp charge, fully automatic, cost about $39.00 on sale $22.00 comes with 3 different types of connections cig lighter, gator type and battery mounted leads. The unit has a digital display that actually tells you exactly how much charge, if you have a good connection and what the unit is actually doing….simply awesome.

    The other neat feature of the diehard is it has a desulification mode to bring your battery plates back to life…

  4. It looks like your driveway is downhill – just turn the bike around, get a neighbor or kid to push it while you are on it. Put it in second gear and when you are going 5-10mph pop the clutch – the bike will start!

  5. the black negative clamp should be attached to a metal part of the bike as far away from the battery.

  6. I couldn’t believe you took that black panel off and laid it on the painted side down on the
    I just had to panels on my Spyder, F3 replaced because one flew off and paint was totally scratched.and front grill was cracked .dealer didn’t charge me anything to replace.
    I’m just to OCD to look at defects on a $22,000
    but thanks for the video.i need to attach my tender JR to its battery soon.were getting 15 strait days of rain on east coast of US so riding won’t be happening for awhile.
    can’t charge it at the storage unit in have to keep it power in units
    son have to take battery out bring it home to trickle chg it.
    sux but no choice
    thanks man

  7. Amazing choice of music – Metallica with Battery! 🙂

    Old video I know, but I couldn’t help to comment when I heard it…

  8. I know this video is a few years old, but thanks for making it. I’m having the same problem with the 1000 tender/ charger. The light stayed green when I knew the battery was dead. Thanks brother, very precise video. Ride safe

  9. Hi! If possible, I would like to know how much current(not referring to voltage) is passed into the battery when the battery is fitted onto the bike and the bike is at idle. Does the flow of current increase at higher rpms? If yes, then how much? Please Help!!! Thanks.

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