Changing the Oil & Filter of a Motorcycle – Kawasaki Ninja 636 ZX6R

Changing the Oil & Filter of a Motorcycle – Kawasaki Ninja 636 ZX6R

We do not change the oil of a 2 stroke engine. Click the link to find out why.

27 thoughts on “Changing the Oil & Filter of a Motorcycle – Kawasaki Ninja 636 ZX6R

  1. If you buy a K and N filter they have a nut on them which makes them so easy to remove and put on, also you forgot the sump bolt! Also I’d mention the manufacturers torque settings for the bolts 🙂

  2. Mark, that oil level will go down as the filter is empty so you may need to add a little more after it runs for a few minutes.

  3. +MrDzago   Triumph 675. I am 6’1″ and it fits perfectly for my height. I know this was posted 10 months but for anyone else who comes across this their ya go. 

  4. Mark, What’s that tool you used to get the filter off, not the cap thing, but the actual wrench thing that plugs into it.

  5. I just spent $12 on the proper filter socket for filter removal and instal. The filter and plug DO need to be torqued. Do not remove the black piece under the filter. This video is not correct. The service manual for this bike can be found on forums. Do the job right , research. P.s. The right tools for the job

  6. How frequent should i change my 636’s oil anyone? Im at 3k changed it at 600

  7. hi mark just serviced my zx6r after having it for nearly a year now did it all myself as kawasaki take the piss with the prices they ask here in the uk 

  8. go you auto parts place and you can by something to remove your oil filter instead of useing the crazy ass parts you have the part looks like a bell ive been doing it this way and i have no problems and the oil is easier to catch

  9. I see some 636 Kawasaki and they said that they are the monster edition how do you really know that there the monster edition and not just some bike that someone put a monster sticker.

  10. First thought……why isn’t he using a 6 sided socket….second thought an extension what for….third thought stomach starting to churn over the feeling of the socket about to skip the bolt head and round it 😕 (PS!!! Craftsman makes an awesome rounded bolt remover socket kit that I have used on bolts rounded by derps using vice grips… It’s just great and not a bad price)…. Always a first timer when that mushy gushy oil flows out and you don’t expect it, i remember my first 😀

  11. 1- the filter must be torqued to 12-14 ft lbs.

    2- do not ever use a lint shedding paper towel to clean a filter crevice or a brake master cylinder. Use a shop towel. They are just as cheap and do not corrode or contaminate

  12. buy the spill tray and funnel from dollar tree for $1 each and for slippery hands use latex gloves for oil change job.

  13. Hi, I have a zx6r and I change the oil and the oil filter and I put 3.2 quarts. but the problem is the window of the oil level is not shown any oil. can you tell me what is the problem and how much oil do I have use in the bike? thank you

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